Olympus Pen Project: 1 000 lucky ones won a PEN® E-PM1 camera

Have you heard about theOlympus Pen ReadyProject ? Olympus gave away 1000 Olympus PEN E-PM1 cameras to 1000 lucky people in 6 cities.  They gave these cameras to everyday people to help them capture the world and spread the passion of photography!

Olympus Pen Project

I am not a very techy person but I wanted to know more about this Pen-E- Pm1 camera. Here some of the features that I found on the manufacturer website. I will spare you the technical details, dimensions, etc.

  • It has a simplified control:  It allows you to adjust effect before taking a picture
  • Wireless: You can upload or email pictures directly from you camera. I love this feature as I am always looking for a cable or way to upload my pictures to the computer.
  • HD Video: You can record up to 29 minutes HD video!
  • Add a dimension to your photos With a 3D Shooting.

This new camera looks great. Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky winner but I still find this project an amazing one. Not only Olympus gave these cameras but the winners submitted their photos to PenReady Project. Take a look at the gallery of photos. They are so captivating!

You can also see what they shot trough these videos! Enjoy!


• Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Olumpus

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