This Amazing App Helps You Organize Group Activities the FUN Way!

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Looking for an easy way to manage your groups? From sport teams to family reunions, Band is an amazing app that helps you organize group activities the fun way!

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to organize a group function? I’m not talking family reunions or milestone anniversary parties…we already know those are challenging to pull off. I’m talking about the unexpectedly difficult things to organize. Simple things, like getting five of your child’s classmates together to go on a field trip to a museum. You’d think it would be as simple as making a few phone calls, coordinating a time, and circling a date on your calendar.

Think again, my friends, think again. Organizing small groups is sometimes harder than getting people together for a massive event! At least with those huge events, people feel almost obligated to RSVP via the method you gave them. Try to get five kids together and you’ll have one parent say “oh, just email the details!” Another will tell you to text her, the third to call her, the fourth to Facebook her, and the 5th won’t respond at all!

This is exactly why you need Band, an Android and iOS app that lets you coordinate with everyone in one convenient and fun spot. It has all the features that the Facebook-loving mom adores yet it’s easy enough for the text-messaging and “email me” mom to use.

Band App Review: Organize Your Groups in One Fun Spot!

Band is crazy easy to sign up for. You can use your existing Facebook account, your phone number, or your email. I used my email. Within second, I got my verification code and was on my way to creating my group. FYI, groups are also called “bands” in the app, but for now we’ll just call them groups because I don’t want this to get confusing.


My son is going to cyber school this year, so it’s up to me to make sure he still has a social life. His school has a directory filled with students and parents interested in meet ups. As luck would have it, one of his best friends from elementary school is also going to the same cyber school with him. I’d love to organize a few local field trips with her and some other kids from the “meet-up” groups. Let’s check out some of the features of Band that let me do this!

1- Posting to your group board: Gauge interest by posting a quick comment to your group wall! Other users can like or comment to give you an idea if you should move forward with your planning or come up with another idea.

2-Group or private chat: Get the whole group together to iron out the basics and start tossing out a few dates that might work for everyone. Got a co-planner? Start a private chat between the two of you to go over the finer points.


3- Set up a poll: Once you know enough people are interested, set up a poll to choose your date! If you allow it, your group members can add dates to the poll if none of yours works for them. That way, you’re not going back and forth with everyone to find out who is busy on what day.


4- Add your event to the calendar: Your group has its own calendar already filled with the major holidays. That’s super helpful for making sure you don’t plan a trip to a place that’s closed on government holidays. Once you pick your date, add it to your calendar so no one forgets it!


5- Share photos after your event! This is probably one of the coolest features. You know how everyone takes pictures of the kids all at once, and one parent inevitably has the best angle? Now they can upload their perfect picture to the group for everyone, instead of emailing or texting it one by one. Upload up to 100 pictures at a time!

Band is like having your own exclusive social media network without all the clutter and extra noise. You control everything from who gets in to what privileges each member has! Make another parent a co-admin,  allow everyone to invite new members, or change everything to “admin only” and take full control if you want to. It’s your group in every way.

That’s not all you can do with Band! If you aren’t quite ready to start your own group, you can use it to connect with others who share your passions!

Connect with others who share your passions through Band

Joining other groups is as easy as signing up. Just head back to your home screen and touch “Discover.” From there, you can browse by location, interest, or just check out what’s popular. I’m an avid reader and love Young Adult novels. I found a very active group dedicated to YA books that allowed me to join with one click (some groups do require permission from the admin to join). I can’t wait to find out what others are saying and discover new books to read!


The great thing about joining other Bands is that you can learn from them and get tips on how to set up a successful Band for your group.

I’m probably just scratching the surface of everything you can do with Band! Seriously, it’s one of the most feature-rich group management apps I’ve ever used.  Band is perfect for managing everything from huge sports teams to small book clubs. It’s easy to learn and super fun to use!

Visit the Band website to learn more, then download it from the App Store or Google Play and get your group organized once and for all!


34 thoughts on “This Amazing App Helps You Organize Group Activities the FUN Way!”

  1. That would be very helpful for me since I have NO way to keep track of all of the things we need to do ! There isn’t one planner or app that does it all but this looks close!

  2. It seems like a great and helpful app for parents. I think this will be a helpful for me to my social media task to get my schedule more organized. I will definitely check this out.

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This looks like a fantastic app to have. It sure makes organizing an event really easy. I love how interactive it is. Including others in the planning and being able to create a poll is awesome!

  4. This is a GREAT idea! I bet it’d be great to use for getting together with friends too! I have to look into this – my friends and I can never get organized enough to go out on the whim haha!

  5. This would be so handy when I am trying to organise my girls and I have for a function. Everyone seems to have a preferred method of contact

  6. I’m always looking for apps to help me get more organized with our crazy schedules. BAND looks fairly easy to use and being able to upload up to 100 pics at once gets 2 thumbs up from me.

  7. I love how clean and organized the app looks. That’s the most important to me when using one, the esthetics.

  8. Keeping the calendars straight is so much work! This sounds like a great app to make life easier and stay connected.

  9. Band sounds like something every parent needs to download asap. What a great tool for easy planning and organization!

  10. This is really a great idea! I love that it has polls and that you can share photos! It can be so hard to get everyone on the same page when everyone is going back and forth between texts and fb messages. This would make it so much easier.

  11. Kelly Hutchinson

    This is such a smart app to have. We have a big family and we are spread out. This would be so helpful.

  12. Kristi Nelson Renner

    We were just talking about how difficult it is for middle schoolers to organize group events. This would be great for them!

  13. This sounds like a really helpful app for parents! It would have been great when I was part of a homeschooling co-op.

  14. Michelle Kneece Waller

    I haven’t heard of this app, but it looks super helpful! I am going to have to try it out with my homeschooling group.

  15. This is really cool! I am glad that you shared it, I am currently seeking new ways to stay organized. I have started using our newest platform PushBe but an app would help to offset the PushBe PC notifies and this app would be helpful to keep the whole fam on same page too! Going to check it out.

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