Does Permissive Parenting Raise Out Of Control Kids?

Does Permissive Parenting Lead To Out Of Control Kids

Over the last few decades the term Permissive Parenting has become a common part of our vocabulary.  The question at hand is, Does Permissive Parenting Raise Out Of Control Kids?  As we see more ad more of the current generations walking through life with a lack of responsibility and ethics, this popular parenting style leads to many concerns.  Are we creating a society of individuals with a sense of entitlement?


What is Permissive Parenting?

  • Parents who feel their children should be allowed to do as they please with little to no control
  • Parents who seek to become more friend than foe to their children
  • Allowing children to set their own limitations.

Why could this lead to Out of Control Kids?

  • Lack of respect for authority in other areas of life since there is no distinct authority within their home
  • More aggression toward authority figures and peers who deny their desires, because they have never been held to standards.
  • Lower test scores and overall academic success due to lack of enforcement in studies.
  • General apathy toward work and authority leading to inability to hold down a job and provide for themselves or their families.
  • Increased anxiety and depression can lead to violence and inability to control emotions.

What are the benefits of Permissive Parenting?

  • A closer more open relationship between parent and child.
  • Higher levels of self esteem in children with permissive parents

While the term permissive parenting in general brings about a fear of out of control kids being a result, it is not always the case.  As with any style of parenting there are good and bad points to consider.  A parent who is permissive in some areas, may be very controlling in others.  For some parents things like freedom to dress as a child wishes, listen to music or watch movies and television they choose is the form of permissive parenting that is taken.  Those very same parents may still exhibit a level of authority in their kids lives by requiring harder work in studies or help around the house.

Yes, the common definition of permissive parenting brings about the fear that children will be out of control.  What we must see is the big picture.  As long as a parent is parenting in an overall balanced manner with proper discipline and control as needed, a child will become a healthy and happy individual.  Being an overly controlling parent can be just as harmful, if not more harmful than being a permissive parent.

Does Permissive Parenting Raise Out Of Control Kids?  The answer definitely weighs closer to yes, but could easily be no.  This question has no simple answer.  It must be asked regarding each individual family and not just in regards to parenting styles as a whole.

What do you think? Does permissive parenting raise out of control kids?

16 thoughts on “Does Permissive Parenting Raise Out Of Control Kids?”

  1. If one parent is permissive, the other has to pick up the slack and be more “authoritarian”. With our son, he has almost a split personality between my husband and I because we have different expectations. He is a baby that runs the show with him and a smart, kind boy when with me. I personally feel kids need routine and structure along with freedom and exploration in playtime.

  2. I think it’s all about balance. I’m not one to judge , but i do know letting kiddos get away with anything and have everything can cause issues later on

  3. Oh man, I’ve seen it. The consequences are not good for anyone involved, especially the kids when they get older.

  4. Too many kids feel entitled these days and to me this type of parentlng doesn’t help in most cases. When children have no respect for adults and authority, it affects the whole society. I get more aggravated at parents of out of control kids, than I do the kids usually.

  5. Interesting that you bring this up because I have a friend that has this approach. I never knew there was a title for it. I personally, will not be taking this approach. I couldn’t imagine a life without discipline. It’s necessary in my opinion.

  6. Great post, you got me thinking but to be honest I think some discipline is needed. I have an almost 3-year old and sometimes she can be very naughty, the “naughty” corner seems to work for us.

  7. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    I think I am a permissive parent as I like to give my son as much freedom as I possibly can but I do see some negative behaviour from it. He laughs when I say no or stop and I hate that.

  8. In my opinion a parent should be a parent–not a friend. Someone has to set limits and say NO once in a while. I am a bit older then most of you so this could be clouding my thoughts–but how are children supposed to learn right from wrong if it is not the parent teaching them!

  9. Angelic Sinova

    Interestingly enough I went to college with a girl who was raised by two VERY permissive parents and she had NO respect for authority because of it! I guess it all depends really.

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