Make Meal Times Fun Again for All Ages with Ceramictopia

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Looking for a unique and adorable holiday gift idea? You have to check out Ceramictopia! I am absolutely in love with all their clever dish designs! They really do know how to make mealtime fun again for all ages! Let’s check them out, then I’ll tell you which design is my favorite!


Ceramictopia: Making Meal Time Fun Again

As a mom to a picky eater, I know the value of making mealtime more entertaining. I’ve done everything short of standing on my head to get my son to try new things. If I thought I could do it without breaking my leg, I’d try that too! He was so picky that I actually had to bring in an occupational therapist just to get him to move beyond baby food and dry cereal!

Using fun dishes and utensils at meal times was one of his therapist’s recommendations. I really wish Ceramictopia was around back then because I would have bought every last design! If you haven’t heard of these unique dishes, you’re in for a treat!


Ceramictopia designs and produces some of the coolest dishware on the planet. Each plate and cup work together to complete a fun animal scene. For example, with Brian the Giraffe (they all have fun names), his body starts on the plate, then his head finishes on the cup.


Other designs feature complete animals on the plate but carry the scene further with the mug. In Dancing Doreen, the plate shows off a scene of pink flamingos. Add in the mug, though, and you also get to see them soaring through the air. The plate and mug are sold together.



They’re fun for all ages!

While I love Ceramictopia’s sets as a fun way to encourage picky eaters to clean their plates, they’re definitely not just for kids! They also make fabulous conversations pieces at family dinners! You can even make them into a fun meal time game! Go around the table and ask each person to tell a silly story about their scene!

The Ceramictopia dishes are super high quality, making them ideal for gift giving. Each set is designed by fabulous artists from around the world and carefully crafted using only the finest English bone china. Ceramictopia has even coined a new name for their artists: Ceramtists! Get it? Artist + ceramics! 

Here’s a really cool surprise: Ceramictopia is in the process of expanding their product range from ceramics and glass to also creating paper plates and cups with their design concept on. However, to turn Ceramictopia from a dream into reality, and start manufacturing the full range of products, they need your help. Check out the Ceramictopia’s Kickstarter and give them a hand in making parties and meal times everywhere even more fun!


In the meantime, you can buy all of their clever designs over on their website. Follow Ceramictopia on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all their news and their Kickstarter progress! Make sure you check out all the fun rewards!


I promised I’d tell you my favorite, didn’t I? It’s such a tough choice because I really love them all, but if you told me I could only have one, I’d pick Playful Lola because elephants have always been one of my favorite animals!


Which of the Ceramictopia designs is your favorite? Tell us below!



33 thoughts on “Make Meal Times Fun Again for All Ages with Ceramictopia”

  1. The designs are really fascinating. I found the one with the Giraffe so adorable. Definitely these will add colour to the dining table as well as the food.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I will get these for my grandchildren. They’ll love the colorful designs and learn about animals too! If I have these plate and glass sets at home, calling them to eat won’t be a big hassle anymore. :)

  3. Lori Who Needs A Cape?

    Very fun idea that hopefully would keep my kids engaged in EATING! A certain 6 yr old in my house just might find the giraffe set under the Christmas tree!

  4. Those are so cute. I love how the cups and plates carry on the pictures. I have a small one who would love this.

  5. OK now those are just plain cool! I think I would like these also for myself. They’re fun and inventive and they’re just plain cool. I would probably pick the one with the elephant.

  6. What a neat idea that the mug and plate go together to finish the scene. I can even see the kids mixing and matching just to be funny and start giggling.

    1. Haha thanks Candy. Funny enough we have actually created a range that you can mix and match at will, but who days you cant put a kangaroo head on a giraffe body as well :D I have attached a couple of images of our mix and match range for your info and dont forget to check out our Kickstarter campaign if you get chance

  7. I love how the scene is carried from the plate to the mug! These are so cute and the kids would go crazy over them. Maybe they will even help them eat their veggies. :) Adorable!

  8. I had a Giraffe dinner set when I was a kid! I collected Giraffe stuff for awhile and then switched to butterflies, these are so cute! I hope they make one with butterflies next.

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    1. Thats amazing that you used to have a Giraffe dinner set. How things come back around. Will put butterflies into the mix for new designs, nice idea as i already have a few scenes where this could work :) Keep an eye out for when we launch a butterfly set :)

  9. Oh, those really are so cute and clever! What a great way to bring a little fun to each meal. I like them all, but the giraffe would be my favorite.

  10. I love the different sets that’s being offered! I don’t think kids will be able to resist these when they see them! It’s going to make meal time so much more fun for sure.

  11. Kelly Hutchinson

    I love reading about ways to make mealtime more enjoyable. My kids love to see their food on fun and colorful plates!

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