Handmade Christmas Gifts For Men

By DeAnna Troupe

Ideas To Help You Shop For The Most Difficult Person In The Family

It can be extremely difficult to shop for the men in your life. This Christmas, make it easy on yourself. Why not give him a handmade gift for Christmas this year? You may not think about a handmade gift for men first when you are preparing your list this year. Journals and candles are excellent handmade items to give for women? What about handmade gifts for men? Even though it can take more creativity, you can make gifts for men. The rest of this article will give you some ideas of handmade gifts you can make for men.


Barbeque Bags – A  Good Handmade Gift For Men

If the special man in your life likes to barbeque,  a  simple present for the barbeque fan in your family could include a barbeque bag. You can make a drawstring bag or mesh bag with very little cost or effort. Choose a manly fabric in his favorite color and add a zipper or drawstring closure.

The bag can be filled with barbeque utensils. A barbeque bag is perfect for picnic season when the whole family spends time grilling outdoors. This gift is also good for tailgaters.

 A Day Planner-A Good Handmade Present For Busy Men

I realize that most people use their smart phones to keep up with their lives, but it is always a good idea to have a paper planner handy. You would not want the busy man in your life to miss an appointment because the battery in his phone dies and he left the charger at home.

You can create a planner on your computer and customize the graphics with photos of the family. Adding one or two family photos to each month’s pages gives him a constant reminder of how much he is loved. This gift is perfect for Christmas and can be used throughout the New Year.

Homemade Soaps

Homemade shaving soaps and scented candles can be terrific for the man on your Christmas list. Soaps and candles are simple to make and easy to personalize. With both crafts, you can choose the colors and the fragrances for your gift.

Larger batches of soap can be divided into several gifts, saving you even more money. Shaving soaps can be luxurious when you add cocoa butter or essential oils to the creation process. These types of gifts are great for men who enjoy a bit of luxurious “spa treatment”. They’re also great for men with sensitive skin because you can see exactly what is going into the products that you make. Be sure to avoid using the flowery scents that you would use with women. Stick to something like sandalwood for guys.

Homemade Gift Certificates

Homemade gift certificates for special meals are another excellent gift idea for men. You might issue several certificates that he can trade in for his favorite meal or a special dessert. If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, these gifts are sure to hit the mark.

Christmas is a time to show family and friends how much you appreciate them. I will bet that the men in your life will really appreciate these handmade Christmas gifts. It is definitely better than getting a tie or socks.

About the author

DeAnna Troupe is a small business coach.  She runs her business while she works a part time job and raises four kids with her husband.

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  1. Some excellent and refreshing ideas for Xmas gifts here. I really like the idea of giving Handmade Soap to your man. Many women would shy away from giving something feminine to their husband/boyfriend, but I know mine would love it… thanks great post.

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