How to Choose Gift Cards that Everyone Loves to Get!

Contrary to popular belief, gift cards aren't impersonal when you choose one with meaning for your recipient! Check out our guide to picking the best ones!

While my husband disagrees, I find gift cards for Christmas a pretty convenient choice. I don’t know what my brother in law wants for Christmas or which sweater my teen niece wants to have. Gift cards are my way to go for those family members.  Instead of trying to figure out what people want, I can give them a card to their favorite stores and let them use it as they please. Most people are thrilled by this idea. The key is figuring out what the right gift card for that person is without looking like you don’t know what they want. Here are some tips on how to choose gift cards.

Tips To Choose Popular Gift Cards

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Handy Options-

Walmart, Target and Amazon are an obvious choice because they have almost anything that anyone could want. If you are a smart shopper, you can find websites that sell these and many other gift cards at discounted prices. Also, if those gift cards don’t seem personal, enough Lowes and Home Depot are good choices for your favorite handyman. I know that my brother in law is thrilled to have a Home Depot gift card. He is always renovating his home.

Creative Choices-

  • For those home decorators on your list, Bed Bath and Beyond is an excellent choice. Who does not like decorating their home?
  • You can never go wrong with Starbucks or (for my Canadian friends: Tim Horton’s)  because everyone loves a good coffee. My babysitter loves the Tim Horton’s card I give her. She is a student and tight on budget, so these cards help her out.
  • Victoria’s Secret and Ralph Lauren are great choices for your friends who love clothing. All the women I know love lingerie, but they often don’t have the budget. Spoil them with one of these gift cards. Due to the low demand for these type of cards they can be found at severely discounted prices.
  • Movies lovers will appreciate a Fandango gift card. If you’re gifting it to a mom or dad, give them a little cash for a babysitter (or if you live close enough, offer to babysit yourself!). It’s like two gifts: the movie and a date night out!
  • When you absolutely can’t think of anything else, consider cash cards. These can be spent everywhere, so it’s the same as handing them cash. This is a great gift for teens. It will teach them some money responsability. The one downside to cash cards is that most do have a purchase charge. So if you were to buy a 50 dollar card, it would cost you about 55 dollars.

Do you prefer gift cards for Christmas or a product gift idea? Tell me.

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  1. I don’t have many people to shop for so I tend to actually buy stuff rather than gift cards. That’s just me. Gift cards are way more popular now and not to mention convenient especially for those who don’t have the time to go shopping.

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