Gift Ideas To Boost Self Esteem In Kids

Gift Ideas To Boost Self Esteem In Kids |

If you are the parent of a child who is being bullied, you know it can be really tough to know what to buy that will build them up.  We have come up with some fun Gift Ideas To Boost Self Esteem In Kids this year . Not only are these things that kids can enjoy doing or having, but they will help to encourage their own self worth.  When bullied, finding self worth is very important for overcoming.

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Art Classes:  This is especially great for kids who already have a natural artistic ability.  Things like painting, sketching, pottery and sculpting are all excellent creative outlets that kids can work to excel in and build their self esteem. Drama classes, voice lessons and acting lessons are all also excellent ways to boost self esteem in kids.

Computer Programming Classes:  For the kids who are a it geekier than others, investing in a great class that teaches them how to create programs, games and applications can be a fun way to boost their self esteem.  Not only does it give them great tools to use in their life later down the road, it can give them a sense of pride they really need.

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A Makeover:  For girls who have been bullied about their appearance a fun makeover may be just what they need.  While you don’t want to encourage their belief that they are not good enough, you do want to make sure they know that their desire to improve their looks is not being over looked.  Gauge each child and their individual needs before presenting this option.

Retreat Or Weekend Camp:  There are tons of great kids camps out there that provide fun camp activities to help them bond with other kids in similar situations.  Look for retreats and workshops or weekend camps in your area and find the ones that would suit their needs.


Gift Cards For Clothing:  A new wardrobe can be a ton of fun for someone who has felt picked on or belittled for their appearance.  A fun new wardrobe can go a long way toward helping boost a kids self esteem when they feel badly about appearance.

Movie Tickets To Take Friends Out:  Sometimes just being like a normal kids is what works the best.  Grabbing movie tickets for your kids to take their friends out and have fun could be a great way to boost self esteem in kids.

No matter what you decide to give your kids this year, boosting their self esteem post bullying is very important.  Building them up for the things they excel in will help them overcome the bullying they have experienced much quicker.

 What are your favorite gift ideas to boost self-esteem in kids?

4 thoughts on “Gift Ideas To Boost Self Esteem In Kids”

  1. I like all your gift ideas, and the kindness they show. I just don’t like the title of your post. We should be promoting humbleness and kindness toward others. Get the thoughts off of ourselves (both positive and negative thoughts) and onto others.

  2. Great gift ideas, especially camps or retreats that allows older kids to be comfortable with themselves and explore what they love to do.

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