Awaken the Force in Your Child With Star Wars Light Sabers + $100 TRU Giveaway (US) #TRUBatteriesIncluded


With Star Wars: The Force Awakens hitting theaters in December, this holiday season is all about Light Sabers. The big morning will be a bustle of futuristic swishes and battle impact clashes. That buzzing sound every Star Wars fan instantly recognizes as an ultimate fight between good and evil. A sound you only get if you remember one important thing: the batteries!

I remember the year I forgot the batteries. It was a crazy year. Oddly, it wasn’t the year my mom broke her leg on Christmas Eve. THAT year, I somehow remembered the batteries! Nope. It was the year I worked until 6PM on Christmas Eve and it was starting to snow. My car was acting funny and I skipped the stop at the store to pick them up. I figured we had plenty at home. We did! Just not the right kind.

Jacob was really little back then, so no batteries meant incredible disappointment. Now that he’s older, he’s pretty accepting of my mishaps. Then again, I’m also pretty smart about stocking up on batteries early in the season! I know I’m going to need just about every kind at some point, so it makes sense to keep them on hand anyway.

Unleash the Force with Star Wars Light Saber Toys from Toys R Us

Light Sabers are always at the top of Jacob’s wish list. He’s been a Star Wars fan since he was 3 and we played the video games together. By four, he could give you an in-depth analysis on the motivations behind Anakin’s descent into the Dark Side. I am not even kidding you. The boy was deep!


As he grew older, his interests turned towards other things briefly. With the new movie coming out, you could say his own interest in Star Wars has been awoken. Jacob received two Star Wars Bladebuilders Light Sabers to check out. I had to go out of town the day they arrived, so I didn’t tell him about them. My mom, who was watching him, mentioned them. My poor kid went two days knowing that there were Light Sabers somewhere in the house that he couldn’t have yet! Oh, the cruelty!


Then I tricked him! I gave them to him without batteries in them and waited to see the look of confusion on his face. Hey, he’s 10, he can handle it! He was a good sport about it.


Just a quick trip to the kitchen to pop in the Duracell batteries! I always press the button to make sure I put them in right before I turn screw the case back on too.


Once I added the batteries, he didn’t put them down for the whole day!  I haven’t seen him play with something like that for a long time. He has his very serious Jedi face on here.


Check out our quick video of the Light Saber in action. I darkened the room the best I could to show off the lights. Ten seconds was all I could manage before at least one of my dogs realized what was happening and came to bark their disapproval that fun was being had without them.


Find all your favorite Star Wars Toys at Toys “R” Us this holiday season! Make sure you grab the Duracell batteries to power them up! Toys “R” Us and Duracell make it easy to power up your holidays with great offers this season, including:

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Have you ever forgotten the batteries? What are some of your favorite Star Wars memories? Share in the comments!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Duracell & Toys “R” Us. The opinions and text are all mine.

187 thoughts on “Awaken the Force in Your Child With Star Wars Light Sabers + $100 TRU Giveaway (US) #TRUBatteriesIncluded”

  1. It seems We always run out of batteries. My daughter removes them to put in her TV remote or toys.

    back in the 709’s, I was in a pageant and the opening dance number was a Star Wars Theme song.


  3. I usually try to stockpile on batteries as I catch them on sale during the holidays… I can usually get enough to last us all year until the next holiday season =)

  4. We forgot 2 years ago to buy batteries. We just buy them in bulk now and never worry about not having any when we need them.

  5. My favorite Star Wars memory is seeing the movie in the Spring of 1977 and being astonished at the bar scene with all the different aliens. I loved it and the powerful music. I am a fan.

  6. I use to forget the batteries all the time , and its really bad when you give a gift that needs batteries and no one has any! So now i check and included the batteries too.

  7. I’ve had a few times where a really loud toy stopped working and we “forgot” batteries lol don’t tell the kids!

  8. courtney hennagir

    I have forgotten the batteries and it was a total bummer! Now I keep them on hand all the time and whenever I send a gift I make sure to send batteries with it if it requires them.

  9. My favorite Star Wars memory is when my sisters and I were little we used to collect those old bubble gum playing cards and all together I bet we had about 400! We’d trade them and try to collect them all! Good times.

  10. I have forgotten the batteries I cannot tell you how many times I have.. Thank goodness that my parents do not live far and always have batteries..

  11. I`m always forgetting batteries,,I try to remember as best as i,and usually stock up when they go on sale.

  12. I never forget the batteries. I remember Christmas as a child and I would have to wait to play with my toys because “santa” forgot my batteries.

  13. We have finally learned to keep batteries in the house at all times. People get cranky when the remote dies and the world is pretty much over when my son’s toys die.

  14. Definitely have forgotten the batteries, always bad when you have to but them at the little store at double the price!

  15. Yes, there have been a couple of Christmas that I forgot the batteries. now I make sure to make a note to remind myself.


  17. I have forgotten batteries one year for my son’s remote control car. He was so anxious to play with it, but I went out the next day to get batteries. The funny thing about it was I also saw a lot of other Mom’s that forgot to get batteries, too!


  19. Yes we have forgotten the batteries! Now to make sure that never happens again we try to buy them right when we buy the item!

  20. Shirley Martin-Tutolo

    nothing is worse for the kids to get toys that need batteries and not have them. What a disapointmente . I try to keep extra on hand.

  21. Leigh Anne Borders

    I have forgotten batteries plenty of times. It seems I used to do that on Christmas alot but then I wised up so to speak and I make sure I have them before I leave the store.

  22. Yes, I have forgotten the batteries many years. Now I do not wrap the gift until I have purchased the batteries and tape them to the box or put them in with the gift. This way I know I have purchased the batteries.

  23. I used to run out of batteries all the time. Two years ago I invested in a case of rechargeable duracell batteries and charger. I bought another case this summer so we had plenty of batteries available for all needed electronics and toys. Its the way to go in my opinion!

  24. One year I asked my husband to go buy batteries because everything needed batteries, we needed 10 packs so gave him a list, asked him a few times he said yes he got them, opened gifts and he said he thought i was exagerrating and bought 5 pks, to my dismay only half the kids had batteries

  25. Actually, I’m the person who brings the batteries, lol. But it’s because I forgot them so many times in the past. Now, I always make a list of every toy, etc., that needs them & what size is needed!

  26. We totally blew our budget one christmas by forgetting the batteries, and then hubby went to corner store to get 4 D batteries. Very expensive. I know watch for sales before christmas and have a supply in the cupboard.

  27. I’m definitely guilty of forgetting batteries. Now I stock up & buy an assortment of batteries year round whenever I see a good buy on them and keep them on hand so it doesn’t happen again.

  28. I have forgotten batteries and to make sure I do not do it again I buy batteries every year when I buy new wrapping paper.

  29. I have forgotten the batteries in the past, but now I buy batteries in bulk and tape them to packages when I wrap the presents.

  30. We actually have never forgotten batteries because when I was young my older cousin owned a corner store and he would open up for a short time on Christmas Day and one of his biggest sellers was batteries – so we always used to talk about how people forget batteries, and I made note really young to always have them on hand. So we buy each of the types in bulk, usually from Costco, but also sometimes from a wholesaler, and we never run out. And since the expiration dates are so far in advance, we’ve never wasted any, so far.

  31. I have forgotton batteries before, Sometimes when your in a rush you don’t think straight, but I always make sure I have extra now, I stock up and keep them in my refrigerator.

  32. The batteries dies in my baby daughter’s swing, and she was livid with us! To make sure it doesn’t happen again, we keep a constant supply of all batteries on hand and when I use the last ones I make sure to go out and buy more immediately!

  33. We forgot batteries the year my oldest was 3. Right after Christmas we bought a bunch of rechargables. That has never happened since 😀

  34. I have forgotten the batteries in the past. Now, I buy the batteries at the same time and tape it to the package right at the cash register. If possible, I load the batteries before wrapping.

  35. Yes! We’ve forgotten the batteries before. I make sure to check all toys before checking out to see which ones require batteries and I buy batteries in bulk also!

  36. When the first Star Wars movie came out in 1977 I was 17 years old. I remember my friend and I standing in the very long line at the movie theater for what seemed like forever, I t was definitely worth it! I was blown away by the special effects of the movie and it was then that I fell in love with Hans Solo!

  37. I ALWAYS forget the batteries! I now try to make sure I have a good supply of AA and AAA batteries on hand at all times! Of course if something uses any other size, I’m out of luck! LOL

  38. I have forgotten batteries; it is heartbreaking seeing someone cry on Christmas. Now, I usually go through and just tape them onto the package just to be sure.

  39. Yes! One christmas we completely forgot batteries and half the gifts needed them! I always make sure to add it to the christmas list when we go shopping so I am sure not to forget!

  40. I don’t think I have ever forgotten batteries, we normally always try to have extra batteries on hand. My favorite star wars memory was going to see the movies in theater with my younger brother. He’s a big fan.

  41. A year ago on my daughter’s birthday I forgot them, I felt terrible. Now I try to keep a variety in our house and I keep the empty container out as a reminder I need to pick up more!

  42. We definitely try and keep a good stock of batteries on hand so we don’t run out – there’s plenty of battery need here!

  43. Wow! I guess we all have forgotten the batteries at one time or another. I pretty much always do and my husband knows this, so he bought a few battery chargers in different sizes and also stocks up on them when on sale.

  44. My son LOVES Star Wars – he has a couple of learning disabilities, so he’s pretty withdrawn around his classmates, but he will talk about Star Wars all day long if anyone will listen!

  45. My favorite Star Wars memory was seeing the first Star Wars film in 1977 with my family and friends in a movie theater in Hawaii! I have been a huge Star Wars fan ever since and now my kids are huge fans too!

  46. My favorite Star Wars memory is when my mom took us and some of our neighborhood friends to see the latest Star Wars movie!

  47. I have forgotten batteries in the past, but now I’ve just gotten into the habit of looking on the package of the toy I’m buying and seeing what batteries it takes and buying them when I buy the toy. My Star Wars memeory that I remember from childhood is that I once had a C3PO robot model kit that I put together. No batteries were required for it though,

  48. I used to always forget batteries so now I always double check before wrapping a gift. It doesn’t get wrapped unless its been double checked for batteries.

  49. Do I ever run out of batteries? The better question would be if I ever remember to buy them. I’m always the person that’s rushing to the store at the last minute because she forgot. 🙁

  50. My little nephew would totally love this! Now to figure out how to creatively wrap it since he always seems to guess everything under the tree lol

  51. Yes! We forgot batteries one Christmas for my sons remote control toy. I love that Toys R Us reminds us at the Checkout!

  52. There’s nothing worse for a child than to not be able to play with a new toy because there are no batteries. I think we have all had this happen. I now buy the large packs of AA & AAA batteries every Christmas and check to see if there are any other battery sizes I need.

  53. Oh my sons would love those, they have a few light sabers but 1) they run out of batteries and 2) they get broken 🙁 My sons are a bit rough n tumble with things. I would totally love to win a giveaway like this, thanks for hosting it.

  54. Oh the distress of the children when the batteries are not there on Christmas morning! Trust me, every Mommy has been there before. It’s funny how it only takes that one time to learn your lesson and have batteries on hand from there on. By the way, your little Jedi looks very serious indeed!

  55. The Force is strong in our home too! We have plenty of light sabers and other Star Wars Toys but so far this year, I’ve only picked up Star Wars Ornament for the holidays!

  56. Mary Beth Elderton

    I have run out or forgotten batteries! To avoid that, I buy in bulk…and my paranoia about running out makes me restock well before I run out.

  57. It’s the worst when you forget the batteries! We now make sure we have extra extra batteries for Christmas morning in the house.

  58. My son’s nursery is Star Wars theme…needless to say, my husband is a HUGE Star Wars fan and has been since he was a little boy. My son has now inherited all of my husband’s Sta Wars toys from when he was a boy!

  59. I have not yet forgotten batteries but we have had many times the batteries have died and we go into panic mode and that means one of us heads out to the store for replacements.

  60. Oh of course I have forgotten batteries! When I do not pay attention to the package, whether or not it says Batteries not included or such! I am sad when I don’t and the kid has to wait to play with their toys then.

  61. Yes, I’ve forgotten the batteries — that’s about the worst thing that can happen to a kid on Christmas. I always keep a supply of the various batteries in the house now, not just for holiday time but for all times.

  62. Yes I have forgotten but now I make sure we have plenty.It is no fun trying to go out and find batteries at the last minute!

  63. I’ve forgotten to buy extra batteries and realized after gifts were opened. I pulled batteries out of older toys to put in the new ones to be played with until we could buy more!

  64. Oh yes,batteries have indeed been forgotten.After seeing disappointed faces you make a mad dash to the local open pharmacy and find other parents/grandparents purchasing batteries.You live and learn.

  65. No, but someone has given my kid a gift and forgotten batteries and when he wanted to use it right away, I realized we didn’t have the correct size and he had to wait until we could go out and buy them.. Very disappointing.

  66. I cannot say that I have ever forgotten the batteries, but there was one time that the toy I got for my niece only included one battery when it required two.

  67. when my oldest was really small we gave a cool musical toy to hger friend without batteries and the kids wanted to play and were disappointed

  68. I actually have not forgotten the batteries to a gift (*knock on wood*). But I have many gift giving days ahead of me to have happen to me.

    As for my favorite Star Wars memory, it was a recent one. I helped setting up a Star Wars all-day birthday party for a friend. We watched movies all day, did Star Wars-themed activities during the breaks between the movies, and just had fun.

  69. I haven’t seen any of the Star War movies but I did get my grandson a light saber a couple of years ago. With all the gadgets and gizmos between me, my husband and the grandkids coming over we always seem to run out of the exact ones we need!

  70. Of course I’ve forgotten the batteries!!!! I learned a couple of years ago though to start buying rechargeable batteries in AA and AAA both. This has saved me many times!!!

  71. My grandkids toys always seem to be dead when they come to play so now I keep a shoebox filled with all size batteries for when they come over!

  72. My favorite Star Wars memory would have to be making my own podracer with my dad after I went through an extreme obsession with the Phantom Menace film. He was a big Star Wars fan when he was a kid too so making our own podracer out of cardboard boxes, duct tape, and some creative coloring was a really great bonding experience 🙂

  73. I have not forgotten the batteries but sent them in the mail with the toy. When they arrived they did not work. It was in the winter, maybe the cold weather did the job on them. Now I put a money in to cover the cost of the batteries.

  74. I absolutely have forgotten the batteries! Now I just try to carefully read all packaging and immediately buy whatever batteries are necessary!

  75. Yes I have forgotten the batteries. It’s terrible to see the kids disappointed they can’t play with their gift. I try to put batteries in with the gift now.

  76. Yes, I have forgotten the batteries and we had a meltdown on our hands! Never again! To make sure it doesn’t happen again, I usually stock up on them to have plenty on hand!

  77. Natalie Vandenberghe

    My husband usually has a stash of batteries on hand, so I’m pretty lucky there. My favorite Star Wars memory is from when I won three collectible characters and gave them to my husband–he was thrilled!

  78. Yes! 🙁 I forgot them last christmas and it was not good 🙁 My son was so sad. NOT this year!! I remember watching star wars movie with my dad many years ago!

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