Pamper Those Hands with a Beautiful Pink Glitter Nail Design!


If you love all the beautiful summer nail designs but don’t have time to do elaborate nail art, you need to try these easy pink nail designs! They’re beautiful, classy and take just a few minutes to do. Before having my kids, I used to paint my nails religiously. Once the polish wears off,  I make sure to paint again. It was like my brushing my teeth: a daily routine. But with kids and family responsibilities, these beauty routines were set aside. I did not have the time, nor the energy. Besides, each time I painted my nails, they chipped the day after and hardly found the time to remove all the polish. Chipped nails don’t just drive me nuts; they’re a bit of a pet peeve for my husband too.

So I gave up on nail painting for the first years of motherhood. Now that my kids are older, and my daughter is almost 9, I  reconnected with nail painting. Obviously, I don’t do it on a daily basis because family duties and work don’t leave much room, but it is a fun weekend activity with the little one. I decided to go for a matte pink shade with some glitter. I felt it is an excellent way to welcome spring (even it is still freezing up here!). Sometimes we need to give hints to Mother Nature. Maybe she’ll get them. Anyways, the following spring/ summer nail design is easy to do. I don’t have the patience, nor the time to spend 3 hours painting my nails. It has to be simple, quick and easy enough.

Pink and Glitter Nail Art Design

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Material Needed




1. Make sure that nail is clean of old polish.

2. Paint  4 nails of your choice in the pink matte.


3. Paint a layer of glitter over the 5th nail that is not already painted pink.


4. Add extra glitter to the nail to make it nice and voluminous but do not use the polish brush as it is difficult to pick up and evenly distribute larger glitter with just the brush. Use a toothpick, brush tip, or small brush instead to strategically fill in the holes.


5. Add 3 more layers of the matte pink to the other 4 nails (or until the desired cover is reached).


*Note: While using matte finish nail polish DO NOT put a regular clear coat on UNLESS it is also a matte finish.

Voila! Easy peasy! This spring, summer nail design will be perfect for your date night or your mother’s day brunch gathering. I love pampering myself for special occasions. It makes me feel good, and it makes my family happy.


8 thoughts on “Pamper Those Hands with a Beautiful Pink Glitter Nail Design!”

  1. I always have issues with glitter nail polish being uneven. Great tip to use a toothpick, brush tip, or small brush instead to strategically fill in the holes. I’ll give it a try!

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