13 Quotes & Trivia Bits from The Emoji Movie That You Need to Know

Looking for all the best Emoji Movie trivia and quotes? We’ve got you covered! Check out fun facts & lines from the upcoming family movie!

Looking for all the best Emoji Movie trivia and quotes? We’ve got you covered! Check out fun facts & lines from the upcoming family movie!


If you have a smartphone, then you probably know what an emoji is. Well, now those emojis are coming to the big screen in The Emoji Movie, set to be released in theaters on July 28, 2017. The movie takes place inside a smartphone, in Textopolis, a busy city where the emojis reside. Here are some interesting movie trivia and quotes from The Emoji Movie.

The Emoji Movie Trivia

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Sony Pictures Entertainment posted The Emoji Movie’s Official Trailer on YouTube on May 16, 2017. Check it out, then read on for our favorite quotes and trivia from the movie!


1- This will be the 3rd movie from Sony Pictures Animation that features a cast member from the former hit series on the Disney Channel, Wizards of Waverly Place. Jake T. Austin (Alex), played the role of Max Russo. In the 2012- Hotel Transylvania and the 2015- Hotel Transylvania 2– Selena Gomez played the role of Mavis. Gomez played the role of Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place.

2- T.J. Miller (Gene) has worked with Anna Faris (Jailbreak) on a previous movie. In the 2010- Yogi Bear– Miller played the role of Ranger Jones and Faris played the role of Rachel Johnson.


3- T.J. Miller also worked with Maya Rudolph (Smiler) on a previous movie. In the 2014- Big Hero 6– Miller played role of Fred and Rudolph played the role of Aunt Cass.

4- The director of The Emoji Movie is Tony Leondis, who also wrote the movie’s screenplay, along with Eric Siegel and Mike White. Leondis also directed the 2005- Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch, the 2008- Igor and the 2011- Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters.

5- The Emoji Movie’s production company is Sony Pictures Animation. They have also produced numerous other hit movies including the 2006- Open Season, the 2011- The Smurfs, the 2012- Hotel Transylvania and the 2015- Goosebumps.

6- Patrick Doyle is the music composer for The Emoji Movie. Doyle also composed the music for the 1996 movie- Hamlet, the 2006 movie- Eragon, the 2011 movie- Thor and the 2014 movie- Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

The Emoji Movie Quotes

Quotes from the teaser movie trailer- released on December 20, 2016

7- Mel Meh, as a voiceover in the teaser movie trailer:

Mel Meh- “As you can see I am an emoji. A “meh”, to be exact. Anywho, it’s my pleasure to announce our first movie. Yay! It’s almost too thrilling for words. So, bring the family. Doesn’t have to be your family.”

Mel Meh (Steven Wright) is Gene’s emoji father. Meh stands for a lack of enthusiasm.


8- Conversation between Ice Cream and Poop:

Ice cream- “So I told management, “I can’t work like this!” These lights! I’m melting in here! This is such a loada…”

Poop- “No, go ahead… finish that sentence.”

Ice Cream (Rob Riggle) is an ice cream cone emoji, with green ice cream. Poop (Patrick Stewart) is a brown emoji with a fancy bowtie.



Quotes from the official movie trailer- released on May 16, 2017


9- Gene, as a voiceover in the official movie trailer:

Gene- “Welcome to the world inside your phone where everyone is expected to act one way their whole life. My name is Gene and I’m supposed to be a Meh, you know, like, “Meh, who cares,” but my problem is I have more than one emotion.”

Gene (T.J. Miller) is an emoji that displays multiple expressions.


10- Conversation between Mel Meh and Gene:

Mel Meh- “Son, please tell me you weren’t just laughing right now.”

Mel Meh- “What if you get sent out on the phone making the wrong face?”

Gene- “Dad, I’ll make the right face, and then I would finally fit in.”



11- Conversation between Jailbreak, Gene and Hi-5:

Jailbreak- “I think we can make things right. You just have to go to a place where no emoji has gone before.”

Gene- “The cloud?”

Jailbreak- “I know some shortcuts through some apps.”

Hi-5- “But no one’s ever left our city, and they’ll send bots after us!”

Jailbreak (Anna Faris) is a code breaker emoji and Hi-5 (James Corden) is a hand emoji.



12- Conversation between Gene and Hi-5, referring to the Candy Crush game:

Gene- “What is this place?”

Hi-5- “The greatest place ever.”


13- Conversation between Jailbreak, Alex’s phone and Gene:

Jailbreak- “

Phone- “Access denied.”

Jailbreak- “This might take a while.”

Gene- “Wait. What…”

Phone- “Access denied.”

Alex (Jake T. Austin) is a human whose phone is where Gene and his emoji friends live.

Looking for all the best Emoji Movie trivia and quotes? We’ve got you covered! Check out fun facts & lines from the upcoming family movie!
Akiko Christina Aguilera), Jailbreak (Anna Faris), Hi-5 (James Corden) and Gene (T.J. Miller) in Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation’s THE EMOJI MOVIE.

I have to admit, this movie looks a lot funnier than I thought a movie based on little phone icons could! If you’re going to see it in theaters, I suggest signing up for a Fandango Fanalert so you can get tickets when they go on sale. That way, you can just skip the lines!

Have you heard any other The Emoji Movie trivia or quotes? Share below!

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