How to Host the Perfect Family Movie Night with The Boss Baby!

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What do you do when summer storms keep kids indoors? Throw a family movie night, of course! We love to make it even more special by whipping up a themed snack to go along with our pick! One of our favorites picks this summer is The Boss Baby! Check out how we celebrated its release onto Blu-ray, DVD and digital with a fun cupcake challenge!



While we definitely love spending those blissfully beautiful days outdoors, summer brings a lot of rainy days to the mix, too. As much as I love a good thunderstorm to cool things down, it definitely makes it harder to keep the kiddos entertained! Movie nights (or even days!) are one of my family’s favorite ways to connect with each other and have fun indoors. We had a blast planning our themed snack for The Boss Baby and can’t wait to share it with you! First, do you know why we chose The Boss Baby?

Why we can’t wait for The Boss Baby Blu-ray release!

My kids loved The Boss Baby while it was in theaters, and have been waiting on pins and needles for the Blu-Ray release so they can watch it again…and again and again! It’s the perfect family comedy! It has everything you could possible want in a flick: action, adventure, humor, and heart.

The kids love the adventure and mission in the movie. They think The Boss is hilarious. Who wouldn’t? He’s a baby…in a business suit! The story is so engaging that even the adults enjoyed it! As a parent, I love the overall message of sibling love and cooperation. Even though Tim starts out helping The Boss so Boss can complete his mission and go back to where he came from, eventually the two realize that they really are better together.

See, Boss Baby is actually a secret agent, sent to spy on big brother Tim’s family and keep tabs on the war between puppies and babies. You know that age-old babies vs. puppies debate over which one is cuter? Well, Tim’s parents work for Puppy Co, a company that is out to end that debate forever with a puppy that never grows up! That is, unless The Boss and Tim can stop them!
My kids had so much fun picking sides in the babies vs. puppies debate! I think it’s safe to say that our house is divided between Team Babies and Team Puppies. Naturally, with a house divided, we had to throw a babies vs. puppies family movie night. Of course, the only way to do that is by having a cupcake decorating challenge

Celebrate The Boss Baby release with a puppies vs. babies cupcake challenge!

This activity is ridiculously easy, and fun to throw together. I was surprised by the creative genius of my kids as they transformed these cupcakes into masterpieces worthy of the challenge. We also had our fair share of cupcake fails that resulted in chuckles all around.


To throw your own babies vs. puppies movie night all you need is the movie, cupcakes, white frosting, and variety of candy. You can spread it all out on the table, arrange on a tray, or make individual plates for each kid. Decorate your cupcakes, and then enjoy your tasty treat while watching the movie. Check out how we made our babies vs. puppies cupcakes!

Puppies vs. Babies Cupcakes Recipe



  • Your Favorite Vanilla Cupcake Mix or you can make them from scratch.
  • White Frosting
  • Pink and Yellow Food Coloring
  • Black Gel Icing
  • Candy Eyes
  • Coconut Flakes
  • Skittle or Jelly Beans
  • Licorice
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Neccos or Candy Drops




1)     Make your cupcakes ahead of time and let them cool.

2)     Mix together your frosting. To make peach frosting just mix together half of the white frosting with a few drops red and yellow food coloring.


3)     Place all of your toppings in containers and put them out. If you kids can’t frost yet you can frost the cupcakes in advance, or let them use the back of a spoon.

4)     Decorate the cupcakes to look like babies and puppies. Use the white frosting for the puppies, and the peach frosting for the babies.


Tip: Decorate your cupcakes first (one puppy, one baby) so that your kids can copy it.



This challenge was a great activity to go along with the movie, plus it makes a tasty treat!

The Boss Baby Blu-ray and DVD release has some really neat extras, including a new mini adventure that is ridiculously adorable! There’s also a Target exclusive talking keychain with 6 hilarious movie! My kids think it is hilarious!

The Boss Baby is available now on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital HD! Pick up a copy and plan your perfect family movie night!

Did you see The Boss Baby in theaters? What did you love about it? Which side are you on: babies or puppies? Tell us below!



29 thoughts on “How to Host the Perfect Family Movie Night with The Boss Baby!”

  1. Our son loved this movie. He’s been talking about the characters and getting the DVD. He’s also ready for a Boss Baby 2.

  2. How fun!! I’ve seen it done with icecream but never cupcakes (a decorating station). This is more clever and just as awesome because nothing is going t melt!

  3. Oh these really are the perfect treats for the movie. I thought the trailer looked really funny! We’ll have to check it out on Blu-ray for the special features.

  4. Kelly Hutchinson

    We keep meaning to rent The Boss Baby! These cupcakes would be so adorable to serve while watching the movie!

  5. Ok we watched Boss Baby without the kids but I would have been totally game to make it a fun sweet night like this. What a yummy cupcake idea!

  6. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    Oh my gosh! Those cupcakes are so adorable! I haven’t seen the movie, but it sounds interesting. I wonder if my 14-yr-old would like it?

  7. aw those cupcakes are super cute! I haven’t seen the movie yet but heard good things about it. The cupcakes are perfect for the movie!

  8. I haven’t seen this movie yet. Those cupcakes are very cute, I do like their little faces with the eyes. The white puppy in the bottom row is my favorite.

  9. My kids are excited to see Boss Baby on DVD. Can’t imagine how excited they’d be if I made cute cupcakes too!

  10. We haven’t seen this yet, but I have heard really good things about it. I was surprised at how many people loved it. I’ll be sure to watch on DVD.

  11. Wonderful family movie and adorable plus delicious cupcakes. What more can you ask for on a family night.

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