What Kind of Highchair Should You Put on Your Baby Registry?

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So you've reached the highchair portion of your baby registry and you're confused by all the choices. Which do you need? Don't worry, I'll tell you!
So you’re making your baby registry and you’ve reached the high chair wish list portion. You’re checking out all the cool offerings at Chicco and thinking “Wait a minute? what’s the difference between a booster high chair and a regular one? And hey, what is that cool snap-on seat?” As someone who had pretty much every option known to mankind, I’m going to tell you exactly which high chair you should put on your baby registry.

Which Highchair Should You Add to Your Wish List?

The short answer? All three (or maybe two), and no, not just because we’re using affiliate links and get a commission when you make a purchase from items on this page. Here’s the long answer.

The standard highchair

Polly High Chair

This is the highchair that we all grew up with, except so much better than the models are moms strapped us into. Not that ours weren’t great or anything. Just that safety standards have come a long way since our infancy! My favorite is the Chicco Polly Highchair Rainfall style. It has a sleek design that fits just about any decor without being too babyish. Yes, I know it’s for babies, but that doesn’t mean it has to be covered in pink elephants and blue whales. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Plus, it folds up super compact, so it doesn’t take up a ton of floor space when not in use.

Why do you need a standard highchair? Basically, this is the one you pull out when you want to feed your baby without keeping one hand on him at all times. In my opinion, it’s the safest option of the three types discussed here. It’s also ideal for letting your baby explore different foods. You have more space to work with and you can easily place it on top of a plastic tablecloth. Still, it’s a bit bulky for travel, which brings us to the next two options.

The Booster Seat


If you get the right kind, the booster seat serves two important purposes. It acts as a travel high chair during the earlier baby years and a regular booster seat during toddler and preschool years. I adore the Chicco PocketSnack Booster Seat because it really grows with your baby. It features three tray positions, three seat positions and a three-point harness to keep your sweet pea safe. Fold it up and take it on trips to grandma’s house, restaurants and other places that don’t have high chairs. It’s also perfect for at home when you don’t feel like dragging out the big highchair.

Hook-On Travel Seat

Elm-TravelSeat_360_hookon I am enthralled with these seats because they didn’t have them when Jacob was a baby. Technically, it has the same basic functions as the booster seat when it comes to traveling. However, I recommend it because it’s perfect for large family gatherings where you don’t really have the extra seat for a booster at the table. It’s also perfect for keeping your baby just a smidge closer than a booster allows, in my opinion. You can clamp the seat right next to you and help soothe them when dinner takes too long to arrive. I love the Hook-On Travel Seat in Elm because it’s just so stylish and plush!

So you say you have to choose JUST ONE highchair? You’re trying to make me choose? You do know I’m physically incapable of making a decision, right? Okay, fine. If forced to go with one option, I’d have to say the booster seat is the most diverse. It’s also the most logical choice if you live in a small space. Still, I really do think you need at least the standard and one other option.

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Do you have any tips for new moms? Which highchair did you end up going with?

33 thoughts on “What Kind of Highchair Should You Put on Your Baby Registry?”

  1. high chairs certainly have come a long way. my sister still has an old wooden one, but its great for the occasional use

  2. We loved the Space Saver type that is like a deluxe booster you sit on a chair. It doesn’t add any extra furniture to the room, and can be used for many years because it has many different stages from baby to child. It’s also portable enough to bring on visits to restaurants, other people’s houses etc. I always recommend that style to people who ask for advice.

  3. I personally love any chair that is space saving and sits on a regular chair. Not too sure about the ones that hook onto a table, my kids were pretty heavy….

  4. The Hook on Highchair looks like a handy highchair to have. Great for on the go or if you are tight on space.

  5. I always wanted folding high chairs. We lived in a small apartment when mine were babies and it was nice being able to fold it up and put away at the end of the day.

  6. My cousins used a travel seat like this and I was always so afraid i would either fall off the table or the table would go toppling down on their son! I’ll be in the market for a new highchair soon, so you betcha that I am bookmarking this post!

  7. It is very tricky to choose the best high chair for kids. People who are very selective gathers data about all types of high chairs, and this post is really helpful as well as interesting for all the parents.

  8. My kids had full Fisher-Price high chairs that lasted over nine years and have just been passed n to another family. Very good quality!

  9. I always used the full chair. This time around with number 6 our chair had finally seen enough days and he’s in a booster at the table. He loves it and it’s fabulous. There’s so many wonderful options out there I am actually surprised what great ones there are!

  10. By the time I had my third child we didn’t even use a high chair, he just sits at the table with us. We didn’t give him table food until he was 7-8 months old so he was sitting up very well already.

  11. This is such a tricky idea. While my girls had the stand alone chairs, my nephews loved the booster seats due to lack of space. It all depends on the situation.

  12. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I didn’t realize they had hook-on high chairs! This would be great for traveling and space saving!

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