The Most Unique Beds for Toddlers

Upgrade your nursery to a big kid room any tot would love to sleep in with these most unique beds for toddlers! Check them out!

Have you seen the incredibly unique beds for toddlers they have out these days? I mean, when we were little, we were lucky to have that little race car bed. Sure it was neat, but can you imagine our joy if we had one of these babies? Toddler beds sure have come a long way since we were kids! Check out our picks for the most unique beds for toddlers, then start upgrading your nursery to a big kid room!

The Most Unique Beds For Toddlers

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Casa Kids Tuck Double Compact Bed

The Casa Kids Tuck Double Compact Bed comes already assembled. The bed folds up to provide more room in your child’s bedroom and when it is folded, it becomes a cabinet. The bed features integrated ladders that also act as leg supports. Also, it features a magnetic panel so there is no worry about fingers getting pinched when opening and closing.

NE Kids School House Junior Loft Bed with Firehouse Tent

The NE Kids School House Junior Loft Bed with Firehouse Tent set includes the loft with stairs, bed ends and slats, tent and bed side rails. There is a play area under the loft which has a firehouse door access. The firehouse loft bed also features two drawers on the stair unit. This is like a bed and a playhouse in one!

Just Kids Stuff Pirate Ship Toddler Bed
– The Just Kids Stuff Pirate Ship Toddler Bed is made with baltic birch wood. It features raised sides so that the mattress remains secure and keeps your little one from rolling out of bed. The pirate toddler bed comes with a pirate ship design in the colors of red, yellow and black.

Pottery Barn Kids Tree House Twin Bed

 The Pottery Barn Kids Tree House Twin Bed combines sleep time with play time. The loft area is a twin sized bed and the bottom is a play area. This twin bed is made to look just like a tree house; made of rustic-finished wood, sturdy ladder and windows that open. I love this one! Although I would add a little bed underneath until my toddler was older, using the treehouse area for supervised play.

Step2 Corvette Convertible Toddler Bed with Lights
Remember that race car bed we had when we were kids? It grew up and got a total makeover!  The Step2 Corvette Convertible Toddler Bed with Lights is designed to fit a toddler bed mattress that can later be converted to fit a twin bed mattress. The bed features silver wheel rims, Corvette decals and working headlights. This toddler bed is officially licensed by GM.

Are these not the coolest, most unique best for toddlers you’ve ever seen? Tell us your favorite (or if you have another favorite to add to the list!) in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “The Most Unique Beds for Toddlers”

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Beautiful beds, any child would love any one of them. I especially like the tree house for twins, you don’t often see any special beds for twins.

  2. My goodness these are some great looking beds which are definitely unique & stylish as well to make sure kids enjoy their sleep with so much of excitement. I just love that race car type bed so much & the Pirate Ship bed looks great as well.

  3. Those are all really cool beds. My brother had a race car bed and I remember being jealous that I didn’t have one.

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