The Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

Wi-Fi Baby monitors are perfect for parents who want to check on their babies through their smart phones or tablets. Check out a few of our favorites!

Unlike regular baby monitors, Wi-Fi monitors allow you to check on your baby from anywhere. They are ideal for parents who are always on the go. With these monitors, all you do is connect the baby monitor to your Wi-Fi network, then live stream your baby’s room to your cell phone, tablet, computer or laptop. Here are some of the best Wi-Fi baby monitors.

The Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

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BabyPing Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor for iPhone-


The BabyPing Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor for iPhone features a Wi-Fi camera so you can keep an eye on your little on through your iPhone, iPod or iPad. You can even keep an eye on the baby at night, courtesy of its 30 IR LED lights on the camera. This Wi-Fi baby monitor comes with a free app that you can download called BabyPing. Also, featured on this monitor is a built-in microphone, so you can hear when the baby fusses or cries.

iBaby M6 Wireless Monitor-


The iBaby M6 Wireless Monitor has a camera that records high-definition pictures, viewable at home or on your mobile device from anywhere. This baby monitor also features a two-way radio that lets you hear your baby and lets your baby hear you. Also, there is an 110 tilt feature along with full pan so you can get just the right angle. With the night vision LED’s, you can even keep an eye on your little on at night. This baby monitor is compatible with most iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Gynoii Wi-Fi Wireless Video Baby Monitor-


The Gynoii Wi-Fi Wireless Video Baby Monitor has a great deal of features such as time lapse video, allowing you to create a clip of your baby growing and developing. From the built-in app, you can choose from an array of lullabies to play for your little one. This baby monitor also has sound and motion alerts, notifying you when the baby moves or makes a sound that is picked up by the camera.

Monitoring baby during sleep will give you peace of mind. The trick is to find the best baby monitor suitable for your needs and budget.

Did you use one of these Wi-Fi baby monitors? What did you like about it or maybe did not like? Tell me.

20 thoughts on “The Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitors”

  1. I didn’t use any of these with my son, but the The Gynoii Wi-Fi Wireless Video Baby Monitor sounds great! I like the built-in app with lullabies and sound and motion alerts.

  2. These are great! I’m expecting my 3rd child in April, and have been shopping for everything I will need this time around thanks for the reviews all of these sound like wonderful options.

  3. It’s amazing to see how far monitors have come since our kids were little. These can help bring such piece of mind to new parens, I bet your review is very helpful for them.

  4. We don’t have children yet, so I’d never heard of wifi baby monitors. I only knew of the one way radio type ones from my own childhood lol.

  5. maria @close to home

    Baby monitors really have changed since I had babies. Amazing technology, almost too much harder to let your baby cry.

  6. I actually prefer a non-Wifi one, I got kind of freaked out from all those stories of hackers hacking into the monitors. I also think I’d be that neurotic parent staring at my kid while I was out at dinner if I could see her on my phone! haha

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I often wonder how my children ever survived without a baby monitor, they weren’t around when mine were babies. I don’t think I’d have gotten much done if I had had one, I’d be watching my baby sleep all the time :-)

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