The Best Baby Gates for Hallways and Staircases


Do you remember your baby’s first step? I do!  We were in a mall and suddenly my baby managed to walk few steps. I was so proud of her, and so was her dad and all the people surrounding her in the mall. But when we got home, reality hit. I was not as cheerful. I was afraid she would fall the stairs. We had to adjust quickly and get a baby gate as soon as possible. Baby gates are designed to help keep exploring little ones from going into areas that are off-limits, like stairs and other rooms of the house. Here are some great baby gates for hallways and staircases.

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The Best Baby Gates for Hallways and Staircases

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Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Wide Swing Close Gate-


The Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Wide Swing Close Gate is designed to cut off access to stairs, hallways, and doorways. The gate is designed to fit spaces between 38 inches to 42.5 inches but does come with a pair of extensions to expand the gate up to 53 inches. The gate is simple to install and is attractive and sleek. Features of the baby gate include the ability to swing open from either direction and it shuts automatically. The swing close gate comes complete with the gate, two extensions, mounting cups, double-sided tape, screws, extension pins, tension knobs, instruction guide and instructional DVD.

Munchkin Easy Close Metal Gate-

The Munchkin Easy Close Metal Gate features an automatically locking mechanism that shuts on its own when the handle is released. The handle contains a double locking feature that is easy for adults to operate but not so easy for kids to figure out. The gate measure 29.5 inches high and comes in five different widths. It is designed to be used in doorways, hallways, and stairs.

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North States Industries Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate-


The North States Industries Supergate Easy Close Metal Gate just need one push to ensure it closes easily and firmly so that your child stays safe and secure. The metal gate swings both ways for convenience and features a triple locking mechanism for peace of mind. The gate is easy to install since it simply secures in place with the included tension knobs. The safety gate is 29 inches high and expands to fit spaces that are 28 inches in width to 38.5 inches in diameter, with two included extensions for further expansion.

KidCo Designer Angle-Mount Wood Safeway Gate-


The KidCo Designer Angle-Mount Wood Safeway Gate can either be installed straight, or it can be mounted at an angle by using the included hinge and latch side hardware. It is ideal to be used at the top of the stairs, at the bottom of the stairs, halls or other areas of the house where walls and banisters are not evenly lined up. The wooden gate can be moved quickly from one area of the house to the other with its quick-release hardware.

Once your child starts to walk around and explore more, you will want to take extra steps to baby-proof your home with baby gates. It is important to choose the best one for your needs.

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  1. Those gates will be so helpful for first time parents. It’s really a good way to keep yourself from being worried about where your baby crawls to.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    It is very important to have a secure baby gate. I also like the ones that open for an adult to pass through, makes life easier for adults. I’ve had to climb over one at my son’s a few times because I couldn’t get it down (the whole thing had to be taken down every time!) and this at the top of the stairs definitely wasn’t safe for me at 63!

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