Remembering the Ordinary Moments that Make Parenthood Extraordinary

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Celebrate the ordinary moments that make parenting so extraordinary! When teething gets in the way of those moments, soothe your baby with Orajel Naturals.

When Jacob was born, I kept track of just about everything he did in a notebook AND a baby book. The notebook tracked his everyday life- how much he ate, his breathing, temperature and yes, even his diaper activity. It sounds excessive, but if you recall, he was a preemie. I had to track these things.

His baby book was used for the typical major accomplishments: first visitors, first tooth, words, steps, and so on.  I also had a treasure box for keeping little things like his hospital bracelet, his first tooth and other physical objects.

It sounds like a lot, but I liked the combination of ordinary and extraordinary ways to remember his babyhood. It took me six long years to become a mom and I wanted to remember everything.  I find that a lot of the baby books and other standard milestone trackers are designed to remember the major moments and firsts. Parenthood, though, isn’t just about the giant, monumental milestones.

Ordinary Moments Make Parenthood Extraordinary

Sure, those major milestones are super cool. We all gasp with excitement the first time our baby rolls over, sits up or puts one foot in front of the other. But firsts are just that. Firsts. It’s the second and the third that tell us “our baby is REALLY doing it!” Jacob rolled over the first time at an incredibly early age (around 2 months!) and I thought “oh my goodness, he’s SO advanced!” Then he didn’t do it again until 4 months. He took his first step on his 1st birthday. He didn’t walk until 14 months.

His teeth were a different story. Oh boy, did that boy teethe! At first, Jacob’s doctor told me to expect them to come in late because of his preemie status. They actually came in early! His first tooth started poking through at about 3 and a half months! They also came in slightly out of order. Leave it to my son to force me to totally throw out all the little charts I had!

Orajel Teething

Poor little bud was in so much pain, and back then (I say that like it was so long ago, but these days, a decade seems more like a century when it comes to advancements!), we didn’t have the Baby Orajel™ Naturals Teething Tablets. I wish we did, because they’re belladonna-free. I couldn’t give Jake anything with belladonna in it. His father is deathly allergic to atropine, which is made from belladonna. I didn’t want to take the chance that Jake was allergic too.  They’re also benzocaine-free and paraben-free, so moms can feel comfortable about comforting their babies.

My best friend, just had her surprise baby, a girl. I believe I told you all about that? Her second youngest is almost 17, so little peanut is almost like a first all over again. So much has changed in the realm of babies! I get to live (and shop!) vicariously through her, since I’m physically done having babies.

My best piece of advice for my friend? Enjoy the little moments. The smell of little peanut’s hair after a bath and those gassy smiles that we all know totally count as real smiles! The way her toes curl when you tickle her feet, and those totally cute moments like this, where she’s just resting adorably, doing nothing at all but being her sweet baby self:


Mark those milestones, because they certainly are monumental. But don’t discount the smaller, everyday moments that truly make up the parenting journey! Twenty years from now, that book will tell you the date your baby took his first step, but your heart will tell you how it felt to hold him in your arms every night before bed.

What are your favorite ordinary moments that make parenting so extraordinary? Share in the comments!

30 thoughts on “Remembering the Ordinary Moments that Make Parenthood Extraordinary”

  1. I just cherish all those moments of my kids even now & my husband has hundreds oh photos captured of all those moments as every moment looks precious for you as a parent.

  2. This is a great post indeed and I do remember them little none milestone moments too. I wish I had kept a journal when my kids were little but I never really did because I thought I would write them in later. I do have there first missing tooth and their first piece of hair I cut from the hair. When they were both born I remember the first time they looked at me and had that very content look to them.while I had that fantastic overwhelming feeling of love.

  3. Lisa Jacqueline Lewis

    So adorable! We are past the teething stage! It lasted for year due to my son having Down syndrome and delayed oral development! Great to hear that your little guy is getting some relief from Baby Orajel!

  4. It’s so aweme to document everything as much as you can. I make sure I enjoy every moment too, even the mess they make or the funny gestures and faces. Those are all precious.

  5. You know what I miss most? Listening to them breathe as they slept. Rarely do I sit and ohh and awe over their existence as frequently as I did when they were teeny.

  6. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    You’ve got to remember the little moments because they’ll grow up and those moments will be gone! Respect them while they’re still here!

  7. My own kids just went off to college and it’s hard to believe they are all grown up when I look at baby and toddler photos of them. It is so true that the days are long, but the years short when it comes to raising our children and you need to enjoy all the little everyday things along the way.

  8. I have a friend that just had a baby after a 10 year gap. It really is like the first time again. It has been so fun shopping with her. There are so many great new products on the market.

  9. I think I worked hard to enjoy the moments more with my last baby, knowing she was my last. I am kinda glad I knew because it made me enjoy every single moment and I am really grateful.

  10. I think the cute moments really are what counts. My daughter and I used to cuddle while she were little and I would rub her nose until she fell asleep.

  11. I second this, a million times over. I have tons of pictures (and baby books) of my first two, but #3 and #4, not so much. I just was overwhelmed at the time, and “baby” stuff didn’t seem so exciting suddenly…but I sure regret not documenting every single thing!

  12. I can totally relate to this. My son is a teenager now, and while we’re still close, he definitely isn’t interested in being stuck to me like glue anymore.

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