Watch Your Baby Dream in Vivid Detail with Motorola MPB855 Connect Baby Monitor + Giveaway

Want to keep an eye on your sweet sleeping baby from anywhere in your house? We’re giving away a Motorola MPB855 Connect baby monitor that will let you do just that…in vivid detail! You’re going to love it! Read on for all the features and how to enter.

Enter for a chance to win a Motorola Connect video baby monitor & watch your baby dream from anywhere! Open to US Only.

Watching your baby sleep is both one of the most peaceful moments of motherhood and one of the most stressful. On the one hand, there’s nothing sweeter than the darling little faces babies make as they slip off into dreamland. On the other hand, there’s nothing more terrifying than all the fears that run through our heads when we leave the room. Are they too hot? Too cold? Laying in the right position to prevent SIDS? Are they still breathing?!?!

We’re torn between our need to check on them repeatedly and our intense desire to avoid waking them up. Thank goodness for video baby monitors, right? How did we ever get by without them? With the Motorola MBP855 Connect, not only can you watch your baby sleep in vivid detail from anywhere in your house, but thanks to its WiFi capability, you can watch him sleep from anywhere in the world!

About the Motorola MBP855 Connect

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The Motorola MBP855 Connect has all the latest and greatest features that make it super easy to keep an eye on your baby from anywhere, including:

  • A 5-inch color screen and portable, rechargeable camera
  • Two-way communication
  • Remote HD Video Streaming and Sound, Motion, and Temperature Notifications
  • Remote pan, tilt, zoom so you can check on your baby from every angle
  • Night vision

It also has WiFi capability so you can check on baby on compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers when your away from the home. The two-way communication is also a great feature. When my son was a baby, I sometimes spent an hour or more rocking him to sleep.   I would have loved being able to call out to my husband to bring me a cup of coffee or a snack! Hey, when your baby has colic and finally stops crying, you do anything possible to avoid waking him up. Even if that means sitting in a rocking chair for hours!

Motorola MBP855 Connect Giveaway

Enter below for a chance to win the Motorola MBP855 Connect, a $264 value! Giveaway is open to US residents age 18+ and ends on July 13th.


Motorola Baby Monitor

What are your favorite tips or tricks for getting your baby to sleep? Share below!

116 thoughts on “Watch Your Baby Dream in Vivid Detail with Motorola MPB855 Connect Baby Monitor + Giveaway”

  1. Keeping them active as much as possible and reading to them worked for both of my children, well, so far anyhow.

  2. A structured daily schedule and a nighttime routine works well. Dinner, playtime together, then cuddling with story-time then bed.

  3. Emily E Conway

    This would ease the mind of any mother who is apprehensive about their child sleeping in another room. I do the 5 S’s…


  4. Stacey Roberson

    We have a sound machine, which our daughter loves. She also loves to be rocked and I usually put her in her crib right as she’s falling asleep.

  5. We stick to a strict routine at bedtime, I think that really helps my little one. We do bath, lotion and pjs, followed by reading a few books. We also have music to help lull my little one to sleep while in the crib.

  6. I always put my nephew and niece to sleep by rocking them and just carry around with me they sleep on my shoulder.

  7. Don’t rush in…
    We may inadvertently encourage the start of a bad sleep habit by rushing in when a baby cries or rustles during the night. Often times, babies wake up babble and go back to sleep. The baby may even cry briefly or babble and still be asleep.

  8. We may inadvertently encourage the start of a bad sleep habit by rushing in when a baby cries or rustles during the night. Often times, babies wake up babble and go back to sleep, so don’t rush in wait abit.

  9. Rocking in the rocking chair until asleep. Then slowly lay them down and pat on the back or bottom.

  10. Brenda Powell Schrider

    I read a story while rocking them.. Take your thumb and gently go across the brow….that puts a baby out quick. :-)

  11. I am the aunt and my sister will let him know that if he takes a nap he will get to see his Aunt Debbie when he gets up. He is excited to go to sleep and I am excited to see the little guy!

  12. I always give a bath right before bed time, I think it really helps especially using lavender scented body wash.

  13. Oh man where to begin! Our ways to putting her to sleep are forever changing! She started with only wanting to sleep to Daddy’s scent so I would have to wrap her in one of his shirts and she would fall right asleep. Then it was she would only fall asleep with her face in his armpit. Then we went to she would only sleep if you held her and bounced on the excercise ball. Now we were at her only sleeping with a blanket covering her eyes and its now changing to she will only sleep with this vibrating singing toy! All of that in the course of 4 months! Who know’s what is next lol I spent 300 on a new recliner when I was pregnant thinking about how I would feed her then rock her to sleep on it….WRONG! lol!!

  14. When he was a newborn it was nursing to sleep along with swaddle. At 10 months the struggle. Nothing works. The kid is so tired and he won’t go to sleep. It takes at least an hour. Wish some of these suggestions people do worked. I have tried basically ALL of them.

  15. I need some tips and tricks too! The only one that works for me sometimes is standing next to the crib, rubbing her back until she falls asleep.

  16. Kristina Prewitt

    I need to read these tips and tricks because my little one is still waking up every few hours to nurse. I’m tired!! ?

  17. Carol Roberts clark

    i rock them and soothe them and read to them and i usually bath them and put baby johnson aromothearpy on them so that ususally worked for me

  18. I found that having a routine was very important. We started with a bath, story & then cuddles. Singing softly helped too!

  19. We have a bed, book, breastfeeding routine which lasts about an hour which relaxes my baby and prepares him for bed.

  20. My favorite thing to do is reading softly to him. I don’t read baby books to him, but I find after singing and putting him to sleep, the best thing to do is reading whatever fiction or classic book out loud softly. It puts him right to sleep. :)

  21. Stephanie Phelps

    My favorite trick is I rock and read to her then we just soflty sing a lullabye in a quit dark room!

  22. I’m not sure if there really are any tricks that work, but I think I have probably tried them all. I’ve tried lavender baths, singing, back rubs and even playing extra to make him more tired than normal.

  23. Rocking chairs are the best !!! I love snuggling and just rocking ! I think that works great and calming for you to !

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