What Makes JOHNSON’S Baby My Go-To Brand for the Whole Family #LittleWonders

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Think JOHNSON’S® products are just for babies? Think again! Over the last year, I’ve shared some of the many ways that I use their line of baby products for my little ones. Today, I want to share with you some of the ways we use JOHNSON’S® for the entire family! I think you’ll quickly see why they’re my go-to brand…and why they should be yours, too!

JOHNSON’S Baby: Little Wonders for the Whole Family

My love of JOHNSON’S® products started when I had my first child. I loved how the bath soaps made her smell so sweet and the lotions kept her skin so soft. As she grew up (now 7 years old), I discovered that JOHNSON’S® isn’t just for babies. Their No More Tangles®  detangling spray is such a huge help after she takes a shower (we all know how kid’s hair can get all knotted up!). Just like their skin care products, JOHNSON’S® detangling spray leaves her hair so soft.



Fast forward to my boy (and my baby). I never really believed it was true until I had a boy who could run around and play, but boys seem to attract dirt! Now, I am like every other mom out there and use baby wipes for just about anything, however, they can be a little big to carry in my purse. I discovered JOHNSON’S® has their very own hand and face wipes and they aren’t your typical baby wipe! They are made with their No More Tears formula (which as a mom, I am in love with). They quickly wipe away dirt and grime and leave my son looking like he never tried to eat dirt.


Something else I always have on hand is JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE cleansing cloths. I love these things! I might actually be gifting them to every mom I know. They are 2x the size of regular wipes, and so super handy. We travel a lot on the weekends and sometimes it is not always easy to give my kids a traditional bath. So I make sure I pack plenty of cleansing cloths. I know my babies are getting a good JOHNSON’S® clean bath without the bath. I even use them when we go camping! Once you try these, you will make sure you are never going to go without them!

I could go on all day about my love of JOHNSON’S® products, but I will end it with DESITIN® rapid relief cream. My daughter never really got a diaper rash, maybe a little red, but nothing serious. So I assumed my son would be the same way. He recently got a rash (came on fast!) Thankfully I had some DESITIN rapid relief cream in the cabinet because that was exactly what he needed for his little tush. He was just about instantly back to his happy little goofy self.


JOHNSON’S® has been a trusted family product for decades for a reason, they know what they are doing to help keep our babies clean, moisturized and smelling oh-so-sweet.  JOHNSON’S® truly is a family company. I know I use their products for my 7-year-old and me as well. If nothing else, their no-more-tears formula just doesn’t compare to anything else. If you are not stocking your house, purse and diaper bag with  JOHNSON’S®, you are truly missing out.

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27 thoughts on “What Makes JOHNSON’S Baby My Go-To Brand for the Whole Family #LittleWonders”

  1. Johnson’s is such a great brand! I love that they have so many products for different needs and their brand messaging is great. I used them for a marketing project in a seminar class my junior year!

  2. I love your excitement over J & J products. I used them on my kids and grand kids and I still buy their products for myself. I’m just a big ole baby, lol. The cleansing cloths are new to me, I love having wipes on hand in my car an home.

  3. You can not go wrong with J&J products, I have used them since I was a child and though I do not yet have kids I always have J&J baby products in my home. They are just so awesome.

  4. These items are so great to have on hand all the time. I get some great use out of the hand and face wipes with my kids when we are out and about.

  5. It’s been a long time since my kids were young but we are still using Johnson’s ( I still want to call them Johnson and Johnson’s ) products! I love the wipes and we always bring them camping and have them stashed in the car.

  6. We were avid users of Desitin and those baby wipes. My youngest is 3 and she still uses the baby wipes for school and outdoor activities.

  7. This is my family brand! “Johnson’s babies” they call my kids just like that, the products are so refreshing, not only for the kids but also for the adults!

  8. Eileen Mendoza Loya

    You never really outgrow Johnson’s products! Its been our choice every time there would be a new addition to the family. My grown up kids still use their baby powder and baby oil. Trusted brand and very good quality!

  9. We are definitely a johnsons family! Even though we have no babies we use all their products! So gentle and fresh!

  10. I actually have sensitive skin and find that Johnson’s baby wash is perfect for me. It doesn’t irritate my delicate skin, so I keep a bottle in my shower at all times!

  11. We haven’t out grown this brand and I don’t think we ever will. I love how tender all the products are for all of us

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