Help! How To Childproof Mirrored Closet Doors

Childproofing is just one of many new parent projects you can expect, and figuring out how to childproof mirrored closet doors is not a piece of cake. We want what’s best for our kids, and that means keeping them safe from themselves. It also means saving ourselves the cost of replacing a new set of closet doors, cleaning up shards of glass and most importantly skipping a trip to the doctor or ER. Here are our ideas for childproofing a set of mirrored closet doors.

How To Childproof Mirrored Closet Doors

Trying to childproof mirrored closet doors but stumped? Check out our ideas to baby proof those doors and keep everyone safe!

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So the tough part about a mirrored closet door is there are several possible dangers. The first is that little hands can slide closet doors open and shut, creating a pinch hazard. The second trouble point is the glass potentially breaking.

How To Keep Fingers From Being Pinched

Put A Dowel Rod In The Track

Some sliding glass doors run on a track that is attached to the floor while others run on a track in the top of the closet. If your closet has a track in the bottom, you can secure the doors simply by buying a small wooden dowel rod and laying it on the tracks so the door can not be opened. Carefully measure the length you will need before going to the hardware store, they should be able to trim the dowel rod to the length you need.

Buy A Childproof Closet Lock


This closet lock over on Amazon is simple and effective. The small piece of plastic adheres to the mirror and keeps the mirrors from being able to be slid open. That means you will keep little fingers from being pinched. I haven’t personally tried the product, but some of the reviews mention the adhesive can be pretty flimsy. You may have trouble if there is a border to your mirror. Luckily an easy solution is also to buy a strong 3M hook, and use the adhesive to secure the lock.

Buy a Multi-Purpose Lock


There are many cabinet and refrigerator locks on the market that may work. My favorite is the Wonderkid Adjustable safety locks. These locks again have strong 3M sticky that attaches to a latch and you can crank them to the correct size, and will be a great solution.

How To Keep The Mirror From Being Broken

The best bet is to keep your kiddo away from real mirrors until they are old enough. Sometimes you need an extra layer of protection.

Place A Gate In Front Of The Closet

If you can, a gate to keep your child back away from the closet is the safest bet. Most closets don’t have the room, but if it’s a room you don’t use as often consider a baby gate on the doorway.

Buy A Static Cling Car Sunshade


Have you seen those static car sunshades you use on car windows to keep your kiddos out of the sun? There one style that sticks to the car window using static cling. While it won’t keep the mirror from breaking, it will keep it stuck together a little better so that if it cracks accidentally it will be less terrifying. This won’t hold up to your child banging on the mirror but could help prevent an accident. You could also use a giant piece of clear contact paper, but that giant clear sticker would be very difficult to remove.

Switch The Door

If the mirrored closet doors are in their room, this is the safest bet. There is never a guarantee a child won’t break that glass. Children can be sneaky. Switching the door is an expensive solution especially if you are already tight on cash from family life, but consider it especially if the doors are outdated or not working correctly.

So readers, do you have any smart ideas to childproof mirrored closet doors? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. My child had recently begun opening and running outside our older patio doors, so we were looking for a simple way to keep him inside. This sliding door lock from Secure Home is fantastic!! It’s quite simple to use. We simply flip it up when we don’t want him to leave and down when we want him to enter and exit freely. It just adheres to the surface and holds up effectively.

  2. If the mirrored doors are in the child’s room and you cannot replace them, make a cheaper second set of doors just in front of them also on runners that are made of plywood. On the plywood mount a lego wall, paint with chalkboard paint or attach metal sheeting for magnet play.

  3. I agree, we always need the best for our kids & Childproofing is such an important factor to make sure our kids are safe. These are some great tips to note which will be handy for every family.

  4. These are great tips and things that often aren’t though of. It’s amazing that most of us adults are still alive. We didn’t even have car seats!

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