9 Adorable Gender Neutral Baby Clothes To Rock Their Socks

Finding gender neutral baby clothes between all of the pink and blue is not always easy. See our ideas for your next baby shower, or to shop for your baby!

Finding gender neutral baby clothes is getting more complicated in the sea of gender specific clothes. My search for gender neutral clothes for my child was not easy, but I did manage to find some pieces I can use again for a second child. Don’t stress, I have found a great list of gender neutral baby clothes just for you. Use this list for your next baby shower registry, or just to do some shopping for your little one.

Gender Neutral Baby Clothes Ideas

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Try A Funny Onesie


Funny onesies as a gift work the best of course if you pick something that goes along with mom or dad’s interests. There are tons of choices out there once you start looking, but I included this hilarious Star Wars Storm Trooper Onesie to get you started. Every Star Wars fan needs one of these onesies!

Sock Monkeys


While I’ve sometimes seen sock monkeys branded as either “boy” or “girl” clothes, sock monkeys are gender neutral. Try this cute Sock Monkey Coverall with matching Monkey Hat No one can say no to an adorable monkey hat!

Buzz Bees


Burt’s Bees is known for some pretty great baby soaps and shampoos, but did you know they have clothes too? Check out this sweet Bee Sleeper for every baby in your life. Add a few of their cute clothes to your registry!



Penguins are another cute idea that easily works for either a boy or a girl. Check out this adorable Penguin Baby outfit I found with a cute matching hat. This outfit is so precious.

Duck Duck Goose


Duckies are classic for a reason; every kid should have at least one adorable duck outfit in their closet when they are small. Enter this adorable Duck baby romper set. This duck parading around the front of the romper declaring “D is for Duck” is too cute.

Rain Clouds


Rain clouds are super darling on this outfit! I love this smiley and whimsical Rain Clouds two piece cotton outfit. This will make even the drizzliest of days full of happiness.



These sweet elephants are super. I like that this outfit comes in brighter colors. The super tiny elephants are my favorite between these two cute elephant newborn outfits.

Stars And Chevron


Sometimes when you’re thinking about sleepy time, you want things to be calm, relaxing and tranquil even. Enter this adorable four piece welcome home set in soft gray stars and chevron. This dreamy set is the perfect starter set for the new baby. I love the patterns.

Polar Bears


I am a complete pushover when it comes to babies dressed up as animals. This adorable Polar Bear outfit goes right up there with those cute hats that have an animal face on them, precious. This polar bear will make you smile a little wider every time you see your new baby.

So which of these outfits do you like the best? Did you dress your child I gender neutral clothing? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. These are two cute perfect Kobe and Chloe the two new additions to our family. I love the Storm Trooper onesie.

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