The First Cry is the Most Memorable Sound in the World #FirstCheerios

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First picture of my son, taking about four hours after he was born. His arm broke during delivery, hence the net.

The first year of our babies lives are filled with so many monumental moments. That first smile, the first time he rolls over, her first laugh, her first time trying a new food. Everything that year is a “first.” It would be hard for any mom to choose their favorite first moment. For me, though, the most memorable “first” was hearing my son cry for the first time.

For most moms, that’s the very first sound they hear when their baby emerges from the womb and takes his first breath. For me, though, it wasn’t quite as simple as that. The road to that first cry was long and bumpy.

A hard road to the first cry

Holding my son for the first time.

I’ll spare you all the very long details and sum it up. It took me six long years to get pregnant with my son. That’s part of the reason I’m so passionate about writing about infertility for OurFamilyWorld. I’ve been there, done that and didn’t even get a t-shirt. So right away, that first cry is six years in the making.

Then there was the pregnancy. It was all sunshine and moonbeams right up until the 7th month. Then it all went haywire. Long story short, I got preeclampsia and was rushed to the hospital. I delivered my son 8 weeks early. He was all of 3lbs 5oz when he came into this world! And he didn’t cry. Not at first, anyway.

I remember laying on the table waiting to hear that sound. It’s a sound that most new moms take for granted I think. It didn’t come right away. Instead of hearing my son wailing, I heard doctors begging him to breathe on his own. According to my mom, who was in the room, it only took about 30 seconds for him to actually cry. To me, it took six years, 32 weeks and 30 seconds. Then he did it. He let out the most annoyed “back off already” wail that it brought tears of joy to my eyes.

First night home from the NICU

As a preemie, my son’s first year was filled with some “unusual” milestones. The first time I held him (two days after he was born), the first day he came home from the hospital after 13 days in the NICU, the first time he reached 5 lbs and could wear the belt heart monitor instead of those horrible sticky things (they fall off in the July heat, which makes the monitor scream, which makes you think your baby is not breathing!), getting rid of the heart monitor, growing into preemie clothes (yes, he was too small for those in the beginning), growing into regular baby clothes…you get the point.

Of course, there were also the “normal” firsts. First time he tasted prunes, first time he sat up alone (Christmas Eve, at age 6 months) and so on. But to me, that first cry will always be the most memorable moment of my son’s life. By the way, despite a rough start, he’s a perfectly healthy, happy little boy now!

Celebrating “Firsts” with Cheerios

Cheerios Mosaic
Cheerios Mosaic, courtesy of Life Made Delicious

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What was the most memorable “first” with your child or children?

16 thoughts on “The First Cry is the Most Memorable Sound in the World #FirstCheerios”

  1. What an emotional journey you have been on! I have had several nieces and nephews that were preemies and it is quite taxing and scary. So glad all came through for you and your little guy.

    Our first moments I cherish are so typical…the first smile, the first laugh, the first step, the first word. My daughter has a lot of developmental delays, so we cherish so many first for her outside of the normal progress time frame.

  2. you are so right about the years being included. i’m so happy you have your beautiful son’s cry to cherish the memory of

    i remember each of my kids’ first cries. and i shouldn’t have heard my third baby’s cry because i was “under” general anesthesia but it wasn’t working and i heard her anyway

    i always held my breath before they took my kids out- that fear would take my breath away

  3. This story brought me back to one month ago, today, when my nephew was born. He was 3 weeks premature and only weighed 5 lbs. I was right outside the delivery room when he was born and was one of the first people to see him and hear his whimpers… it’s a sight and sound I will never forget 🙂

  4. I was in the room when my adopted son was born. That had to be the most magical day of my existence!
    Thanks for bringing up that memory!

    1. You’re welcome! I think that has to be the most magical and intense moment of any parent’s life- that one moment where everything changes. One minute, your baby is tucked away in someone’s womb (be it your own, your partner’s or your surrogate’s) and then the next, you are officially a parent.

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