Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Baby Proofing Cabinets

Spending your weekend baby proofing cabinets doesn’t exactly sound exciting, I know, but it’s something every parent has to deal with before their tot is on the move. Don’t worry, though, we’ve made it easy for you with our handy guide! Check it out!

Spending your weekend baby proofing cabinets doesn't exactly sound exciting, I know, but it's something every parent has to deal with before their tot is on the move. Don't worry, though, we've made it easy for you with our handy guide! Check it out!

If you have a toddler then you probably already know those busy little hands have a knack for getting into everything. Whether that be a dropped Cheerio that rolled under the table (and is now covered in pet hair) or your precious heirlooms you could’ve sworn were safely tucked away, your baby is busy investigating their world. And believe me, if they seek, they will find.

So what’s a stressed-out parent to do?

Baby-proof. Secure those cabinets with the best baby proofing locks you can find. Sound difficult? It’s really not. In fact, in this post we will cover how to baby proof all your cabinets with the best baby proof cabinet locks to suit all your needs – these will help take the guesswork out of getting the job done right.

The Dangers That Lurk in Cabinets

If you’re like me, before the children came, cabinets were the place where things were stored, stashed or “dumped” until I could find a better place for them – which most likely never happened. I had cabinets that were so jammed full, opening the door was a gamble as to whether there was an arsenal of plasticware ready to explode onto the floor.

But there’s nothing quite like having a toddler to make you clean up your clutter.

If you’re a first-time parent, you may not even realize the dangers unprotected cabinets pose. For example;

  • Cabinets can be home to poisonous substances, knives or breakable glassware.
  • The doors themselves can slam onto tiny fingers causing injury
  • The contents of the cupboard can be thrown across the room, resulting in a huge mess and possible damage or even injury.
  • On a lesser note, the sound of those slamming doors (albeit fun for a two-year-old) wears thin on those sleep-deprived nerves.

That’s why, my friend, baby proofing cabinets is so important. So read on for the types of baby proofing locks available today and our top picks in each category.

Best Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks

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Not all locks for baby proofing cabinets are created equally. In fact, there are five main types of cabinet locks; the magnetic, the adhesive mount baby lock, the pull cord, the spring release lock and the sliding cabinet lock. Let’s explore each one and review our top pick for each.

1. The Magnetic Cabinet Baby Lock

Most magnetic locks work on the principle of using a magnetic key to lock and unlock the cabinet door. These are simple to install – most don’t even need a drill and won’t create any damage to the cupboard itself – and are invisible from the outside. They also come with extra keys in case you misplace one or have installed the locks in various rooms.

The Best Magnetic Cabinet Lock

For the best magnetic cabinet baby lock, we’ve chosen the Hurrise Child Safety Lock. This model does not require any screws or nails, but rather uses a durable adhesive to secure the lock on the inside of your cupboard or pull-out drawer. They are strong enough to withstand the tugging of a toddler while remaining invisible from the outside.

The Hurrise Child Safety Lock also comes with 16 locks and 3 keys so you can install peace-of-mind throughout your home. Plus, they are backed by a one-year warranty for a full refund or free replacement.

More Product Information

  • Made from environmental ABS material
  • Has a “normal” mode and easy-lock system
  • Strong 3M adhesive can withstand pulling-pressure
  • No tools required
  • Would work well for baby proof cabinets without knobs

If the magnetic baby proofing unit sounds like it will work for you, check it out here. For more help, check out this video on baby proofing cabinets with magnetic locks:

2. The Adhesive Mount: Baby Proof Cabinets Without Drilling

If you want to baby proof cabinets without drilling, then the adhesive mount baby lock may be perfect for you. They’re also perfect for baby proofing cabinets without knobs! Similar to the magnetic locks, these units use the durability of the 3M adhesive and work well for cabinets, drawers, toilet seats, and more. The adhesive mount baby lock is also especially good for those folks that rent and are not allowed to put screws or nails into the fixtures. Plus, they are easily removed when you no longer need them.

The Best Adhesive Mount Baby Lock

For the best adhesive mount lock for baby proofing cabinets, we’ve chosen the Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches. This little number will secure cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilet seats, and more. It features a dual-button operation to release, which makes it difficult for even the trickiest of kids to figure out. When not in use, you simply release and rotate out of the way – easy peasy – then push back to fasten. The flexible strap can even go around corners!

More Product Information

  • Easy to install and remove
  • No drill required
  • Does not need any added hardware
  • Great for apartment dwellers as it will not damage the surface
  • Multipurpose
  • Measures – 4.8 x 1.4 x 6.7 inches

If this product sounds like the perfect fit for you, check it out here.

3. The Pull Cord Baby Lock

If you have a cabinet with side-by-side knobs (round knobs work best), then you may stump your little one with the pull cord baby lock (at least for a while). Out of all the baby proofing mechanisms, the pull cord unit may not work once your toddler watches you work them a few times. However, they are simple to install; they only require the cord to wrap around the two knobs with a button to tighten and release.

The Best Pull Cord Baby Lock

Our pick for the best pull cord baby lock for baby proofing cabinets is by the Kiscord company. This unit comes in both white and black and does not require any drilling, tools or hardware to install. They are simple for adults, but not-so-easy for your child to figure out. The Kiscord will easily adjust for knobs up to 6.5 inches apart on center, are easy to remove for adults with just one hand and are portable so you can take them with you.

More Product Information

  • Damage-free peace-of-mind
  • No drill required
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Uses only the highest quality materials.
  • Factory tested

Want to try the Kiscord pull cord baby lock model? Check it out here.

4. The Spring Release Lock

The spring release baby lock works by sliding your finger behind the cabinet door and pushing down the latch to release its grip. Although these are simple to install, they may not be suitable for older children. However, they do work great for pets.

The Best Spring Release Lock

For this type of lock, we’ve chosen the Best Baby spring lock. It is simple to install – no tools required, just a pencil – with a one-size-fits-all design. The strong and durable 3M adhesive will give you the perfect stick, without causing damage to your cabinets or drawers. They’re virtually invisible!

More Product Information

  • Won’t get in the way of everyday life
  • No tools required
  • No key needed
  • Simple and practical
  • Inexpensive

If you’re thinking spring release lock, check out the Best Baby unit here.

5. The Sliding Cabinet Lock

The sliding cabinet lock works on a similar principle to the pull cord version, except the slide lock is made from durable plastic to help reinforce the hold. These units are smooth all around, to ensure the safety of those tiny fingers and hands and lock with a simple sliding motion.

However, before you invest in the sliding cabinet lock, be sure your cupboard knobs will work with this type of unit – not all sliders work with all knob models.

The Best Sliding Cabinet Lock for Baby Proofing Cabinets

We’ve chosen the Secure Home by Jessa Leona brand of sliding cabinet lock as our top pick. These sliding locks will work for most cabinets, and those that feature a mushroom-shape or D-shape handles up to five inches apart. As a bonus, they’ll even stop those cunning felines from raiding the pantry.

This sliding lock is simple for adults and older children but will keep your little ones out of all your dangerous or valuable items. Plus, installation is a cinch, just latch it on and go.

More Product Information

  • Easy one-hand open
  • No tools required
  • Reusable
  • Safe for toddlers
  • Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Leaves no marks or holes
  • Uses high-quality materials
  • 100% Money Back Warranty

Think the sliding lock will do the trick? Check it out here.

When Should I Baby Proof My Cabinets?

There’s nothing more enticing to a baby than a jammed-packed cubby. And as any parent knows, a mobile baby is a curious baby, so get those cabinets baby proofed before your little one begins to crawl and/or walk.

Even though we may take for granted the contents of our cabinets, it’s crucial to protect our children from harmful items.

Did you know every year approximately 800,000 children end up in the ER due to ingesting toxic substances? This is a staggering and sobering statistic, so be sure to lock those cabinets up with one or more of the best baby proofing locks. Whether you decide on the magnetic, the adhesive mount baby lock, the pull cord, the spring release lock, the sliding cabinet lock or a combo of each, providing your child with a safe environment is crucial.

If you’ve tried one or more of these locks for baby proofing cabinets (or have an even better idea), feel free to drop us a line in the comment section. We love to hear from other parents.


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  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    These are all awesome ways to baby proof kitchen cabinets. Or any other cabinet for that matter. I will recommend these to friends and family who have toddlers in the house. How I wish they had these when my kids were still toddlers!

  2. I like the ones that don’t require a drill, though I would guess the latter are stronger. We used the latch grips and had no problem. My granddaughter though, got those open at her house when she was really little and her dad had to upgrade. :)

  3. I have clients with small kids. this is great information to pass on to them. Can’t be too safe with the little ones

  4. We used easy ties and rubber band to protect our son from what’s in the cabinets. I think most parents can wait until their child starts crawling or coasting to start baby proofing.

  5. I had those latchy things that went inside the cabinets. Not only were they baby proof, they were adult proof, too.

  6. This is a great tutorial for any parents with crawling and older babies. My kids are older and we still have our latches on the kitchen cabinets so i remember those days well.

  7. Baby-proofing cabinets sure has come a long way! I like that you don’t have to mar up your cabinets with drilling and screwing locks into the doors.

  8. This is such important information for any new parent. Little kids are excellent at getting into things that the shouldn’t, and it seems that the more dangerous it is, the more they want to check it out!

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