Babble Band is the Baby Monitor You’ve Been Dreaming Of + Giveaway (US Only)


Have you heard of The Babble Band by Summer Infant? It’s a revolutionary new wearable baby monitor. Yep, wearable! No more lugging around the monitor from room to room to keep an ear on your bundle of joy. Check out my review, then keep reading because we’re giving one of YOU a chance to win one! You’re totally excited, right? 

The Babble Band Wearable Baby Monitor

*I received a complimentary Babble Band from Summer Infant in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


Like some people, I didn’t have much left over from my first child when it came to number 2.  A baby monitor was one of those things.  I just figured whenever the second one would come along I would just get a new one, so I donated it (or gave it to someone, I don’t know, it was 5 years ago).   I had heard about this really cool baby monitor that you wear on your wrist, like a watch.  The Babble Band is the first and only wearable baby monitor.  I had never seen or heard (no pun intended) about anything like this before.  So you mean I don’t have to carry the other half of the monitor with me at all times, find a way to hook it to my pants or something if I am out in the yard?  


I am so glad I found The Babble Band!  So you are thinking, ‘It’s just a baby monitor’.  No it is not just a baby monitor (well yes but it is better).  Does your monitor vibrate?  I didn’t think so.  The Babble Band will fit mom or dad and is a neutral color. Your typical baby monitor just has sound.  Not The Babble Band!  They not only included sound (because let’s be honest, it is so nice to hear your baby cooing when they wake up) but they also have sound activated lights.  You can keep it on silent and just know based on the lights whether or not you baby is awake (or at least if you need to go in and check).  



I personally like vibration mode.  On vibration mode, the lights still light up for you, but there is no sound, only vibration so you can feel when your baby wakes up.  My daughter loves this new monitor as well.  She asks if she can wear the band.  Keeping it on vibration mode is her favorite also.  She can go in her room and color and play and then she comes out when it vibrates to tell me her little brother is awake (I may or may not have already heard him, but she likes to help!)


You might be thinking ‘Yea but I don’t want to have to have special batteries for this band’.  Don’t worry, because there are no batteries needed.  The band sits nicely on top of the baby unit and charges while it is plugged in.  Once fully charged, you are good to go for 8 hours. The Babble Band wearable baby monitor has a range of up to 800 feet (243.84m).  If you go out of range or the battery gets low, it will alert you, no worries! 

My son is so unpredictable when it comes to his naps.  Sometimes he takes a morning one for hours and sometimes it is just 20 minutes and on those super fun days, it is just not at all.  The Babble Band makes it super easy to go about my day, because no matter where I am in the house, I will be able to hear, feel or see from the lights when he wakes up.  I love this!  I wish I had one six and a half years ago with my first!

You totally want it now, don’t you? Well head on over to Summer Infant and check it out! It retails for just $59.99. You can also find it at stores like Target, buybuy Baby and on Amazon. I suggest following Summer Infant on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up with news and sales. Check them out on Pinterest and Instagram too! 

Babble Band Wearable Baby Monitor Giveaway


As promised, we have a chance for one of you to win a Babble Band wearable baby monitor right here! Giveaway is open to US residents age 18+ and ends on March 4th. You know the drill, enter below!


What do you love about the Babble Band wearable baby monitor? Tell us in the comments!

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