10 Unique Baby Names for Girls & Boys

Want to make sure your child doesn’t share a name with ten other kids in class? We’re sharing a few of our favorite unique baby names for girls and boys to help inspire you!

Want to make sure your child doesn’t share a name with ten other kids in class? Check out these 10 unique baby names for girls and boys!

Choosing a name for your baby can be hard! There are literally thousands of names to choose from, so how do you pick the perfect name for your new bundle of joy? Some parents prefer names that are common while others prefer names that are entirely unique. If you want to name your baby something that stands out from all other names, you’ve arrived at the right place! Here are unique baby names for both girls and boys.

Unique Baby Names We Love

Unique Girls names

1. Amina Amina is a beautiful Arabic name. It means trustworthy. This name definitely sounds a bit grown so you could always call your baby Ami for short!

2. Celeste Celeste is the perfect name. It has Latin roots and means heavenly. What baby isn’t a gift from above? The name proves just how special your baby is.

3. Elora Elora has several origins, including Hebrew, Greek and English. In all origins, the name involves light. We love this name as a way to celebrate the new light in your life!

4. Luella Luella combines the names Lou and Ella into a super cute baby name. This name was super popular during the late 1800s but hasn’t been common sense. A truly unique name!

5. Thalia Thalia is a lovely Greek name with an even lovelier meaning. The name means blooming and joyful. The perfect name for a new baby girl!

Unique Boys Names

1. Atticus If you’re a reader, you probably know this name from the book To Kill a Mockingbird. The name means man of Attica. Attica was an area that surrounded Greece and was very important. The name embodies wisdom and optimism.

2. Bowie Bowie is a cute Gaelic name for a new baby boy. If you’re baby is blonde-haired, this name is fitting! Bowie means yellow-haired.

3. Ellis Ellis is a play on the name Elijah. It’s an English name that means Lord is my God. While Ellis is usually a last name, it’s grown in popularity as a first name.

4. Layton Layton is an Old English name that means meadow settlement. It can also be spelled as Leighton, if you want to tap into your English roots.

5. Matthias Matthias is a Hebrew name. It means gift of God. This name is a great way to celebrate the new life that will soon be entering the world.

If these don’t scream “that’s the name” to you, there are plenty of other ways to find unique baby names. Look to your favorite books for some cool literary names, for example. Or get inspired by your heritage, like with these Irish baby names. I think the main thing is to remember that your child is the one that has to live with whatever you pick. Unique names are fun, but there is such a thing as too unique.

What are your favorite unique baby names? Share below!

10 thoughts on “10 Unique Baby Names for Girls & Boys”

  1. redheadmomblog

    These are some really pretty names! My sister is expecting a little girl and they are thinking of using the name Isla.

  2. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    My daughter Kyla was a unique name back when I first had her now its getting a little more common. My other kiddos aren’t really unique, I wasnt very creative!

  3. Melissa Chapman

    We thought we were giving our kids unique names but they ended up being in the top five of names for kids from those days. I am done with naming but this was a fun post.

  4. Travel Blogger

    Awesome list! We are trying to find a name for our second baby, and we can’t seem to agree on anything. This has given me some more options to consider.

  5. These are all really beautiful names. My friend named her daughter Alora, which is very similar to your Elora pick :)

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