Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth without the Sugar

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November is National Diabetes Month. While I don’t have diabetes, it’s definitely touched my life in many ways. When I was a little girl, my mom dated a man with a diabetic daughter.  Back then, we really didn’t have many tasty sugar-free options. I always felt really guilty eating anything sweet in front of her, so I used to go without too.

Now, my former father-in-law is living with diabetes. Boy does he ever have a sweet tooth! I know it’s hard for him at times, feeling deprived of all his favorite treats. Thanks to Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom, no one with diabetes has to feel deprived.

Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom: A Sweet Treat for National Diabetes Month & Every Month

If there’s one thing I know, it’s ice cream. I love it. So much so that my ex-husband used to cringe when we got to the ice cream aisle. I would spend twenty minutes trying to decide which flavor I wanted! I’m not a plain ice cream kind of girl. I like “stuff” mixed in with the creamy goodness.

I consider myself quite the ice cream connoisseur. When I tried out several of the Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom flavors back in June, I did it with an open mind. Still, I admit I was skeptical about  sugar-free ice cream.


Not only was I totally wrong to be skeptical, I even discovered a new favorite! See, in the past, I never would have thought to try the Banana Split flavor had it not been for a review. I was never a “fruit in ice cream” kind of gal. But WOW, let me tell you, it’s awesome!

So much goodness going on in one scoop. Each bite is different. You may get a bit of strawberry-banana with your chocolate ribbon, or a couple of the mixed nuts with a pineapple chunk. Perhaps a cherry and some chocolate. You just don’t know! It’s like the ultimate ice cream for people like me who want full taste-bud engagement.

One thing I DO know: you DON’T miss the sugar. At all.

Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom isn’t just a sweet treat during National Diabetes Month, it’s the perfect way to treat yourself year-round. Obviously, as with all treats, moderation is the key. A healthy diet and lifestyle is vital to keeping your diabetes under control. It’s also important to find ways to satisfy your sweet tooth so you don’t feel deprived.

Take it from someone who really knows her ice cream, you will never feel deprived with Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom. With so many delicious flavors to satisfy every taste bud, you’ll also never get bored!

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Have you tried Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom yet? What is your favorite flavor?

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26 thoughts on “Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth without the Sugar”

  1. I’ve never heard of this company before, but I’ve got to look for their products! Both my Mom and I are diabetic and I definitely miss eating ice cream!

  2. I have some friends who are diabetic so I will share with them about Blue Bunny. I might try this out for myself it looks just like regular ice cream but healthier.

  3. I didn’t know it was National Diabetes Month. My dad has had uncontrolled diabetes for years and now he had diabetic neuropathy. This looks like a great way for him to sate his sweet tooth without raising his blood sugar too much.

  4. My grandma is diabetic, I will have to let her know about this! Hopefully it doesn’t have the thing that diet and other sugar free stuff has in it, she refuses to eat/drink anything with this one certain word that she can’t pronounce. haha Gotta love her though!

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