7 Juicy Ways to Add Mangoes to Your Family’s Plate

Brighten up your family meals simply by adding mango! Check out our ideas for adding this sweet and juicy fruit into your family snacks and meals.

I am always trying new ways of mixing up food so my family will actually eat it. Not only can it help you to win the battle against picky eating by consistently introducing your family to new foods, it is a great way to sharpen your own cooking skills. I like to take food ideas that my family is already familiar with and add a new ingredient to mix up our meals. If you too like to mix it up, you need to try adding more mango to your meals! Fruity and delicious, mangos may seem exotic to some but can easily be added to a mix of dishes for a bright and sunny flavor. Picking fresh and juicy mangoes is key. There are so many scrumptious ways to add mangoes to your table. Ready?

Juicy Ways To Add Mangoes To Your Family’s Plate

Mango Salsa– Dicing up some mango into a fresh salsa is a delicious way to add a fruity twist to your meals. Mix diced mangoes with onion, cilantro, a pinch of salt and lime juice for a delicious salsa. Mango salsa also is delicious over tacos, nachos, and grilled/baked fish or chicken. My absolute favorite is to add mango salsa over grilled tuna steaks or tilapia. Mango salsa also is delicious with fresh pineapple mixed in, which gives your salsa some tang also, yum! I really love this Quick Mango Salsa recipe from Living Sweet Moments!


Fresh– Pick a nice, ripe fresh mango and you can slice and eat it right out of the peel. Pick a mango similar to how you would pick an avocado or peach. A mango should have a little bit of give to the touch, but will soften as it ripens. I also like to sniff near the stem, as many ripe mangos will have a fruity scent when ripe. Don’t use the red color on some mangos to mean it is ripe, the color is not related to ripeness. Mango for dessert is also a great choice!


Sliced Over Yogurt– I am always looking for fresh ideas to add fruit to my families breakfast. You can easily slice mango over yogurt for a breakfast that is delicious, healthy and satisfying.

Mango Curry– Spice up your normal curry recipe by adding mangos! I find that by adding the sweetness of mangos, my kid will gobble up a mild curry chicken without a second thought. Paula from Call Me PMC incorporates mangos into her Spicy Indian Naan recipe. Yummm!


Smoothie– Smoothies are an easy way to add fruits, vegetables and protein to your day. Mangos are delicious in smoothies! Try them paired with pineapple, banana, or other bright citrus like oranges. Mango does also taste delicious with berries, like this Blueberry Banana Mango smoothie recipe from Ilona’s Passion.


Mix With Black Beans– My kid loves beans as long as they are not super saucy. Try mixing black beans and mango, then add a little cumin, lime and cilantro for a tropical taste. Serve over rice, and you have an easy bowl with tropical flavors.

On A Sandwich– Have you ever tried a warm Panini sandwich pressed with mango? Yum city! My favorite combination is chicken, mango, spinach and a mild cheese like mozzarella. For kids, let them choose their favorite ingredients. Don’t have a Panini press? A tabletop grill such as a Foreman grill works in a pinch or you can simply toast your sandwich in the toaster oven. Be bold and add mangoes.

How do you add mangoes to your family meals and snacks? Tell me in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “7 Juicy Ways to Add Mangoes to Your Family’s Plate”

  1. I usually eat mango as a snack. Now I will try it in recipes. I have a recipe for Salsa chicken and that would be a good addition.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I love mangoes and can’t imagine anyone not liking them. I’m afraid mine never make it into a meal, I can never resist eating them, yummy :-)

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