5 Super Delicious Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Meals For Large Families

It's not always easy to find kid-friendly vegetarian meals for large families. We have the scoop, check them out for your dinnertime!

It’s not easy to find delicious kid-friendly vegetarian meals for large families, but you are in luck! I’ve been on a mission to find recipes that will work when all of the cousins come over, and vegetarian recipes defiantly stretch my budget a little further. Check out some of my ideas that any family will love? Ready? Yum!

5 Super Delicious Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Meals For Large Families

Vegetarian Naan Pizza


Have you ever tried using naan bread as a pizza crust? You have to try our Vegetarian Naan pizza! We originally posted this recipe for Valentine’s Day, but really this pizza is delicious all year.  I find naan is the perfect combination to make a thin crust pizza that is still chewy like a thicker crust pizza. That’s totally the best of both worlds. Change up pizza night and give it a different twist by using butter chicken sauce in place of tomato. Butter chicken sauce is a tomato and cream sauce typically used in Indian cooking with chicken but is delicious on these pizzas. If you’ve never tried this sauce, expect this it to be super mild and yummy sauce that most kids will love!

Easy Guacamole Veggie Wrap


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Yum, guacamole! My kiddo eats it by the chip full. Instead of eating it on fried chips, try enjoying your guac in these tasty and healthy Easy Guacamole Veggie Wraps. This is another recipe that is easily customizable depending on what veggies are your families’ favorites. This recipe could be lunch or dinner, yum! Hummus is another yummy alternative in this recipe if your kids haven’t jumped on the guacamole band wagon.

Spinach Lasagna


Spinach Lasagna is one of those meals I like to prepare ahead of time for busy days. Most kids can be convinced to eat dishes that include noodles and tomato sauce, and this one is especially delicious. If you have a kid who is hesitant to eat leafy green spinach, try shredded zucchini in its place. Yum, this vegetarian recipe is perfect for a large family or to take to someone who is sick or just had a baby.

‘Taco Bell’ Inspired Mexican Pizzas


Via Domestic Superhero

Hey, what a great idea! Most kids like pizza (my kid is weird and doesn’t) and tacos is usually a hit dinner too. Combine the two and make these delicious Taco Bell Inspired Mexican pizzas. This recipe is MUCH healthier, fresher and cheaper than hitting the drive through, especially for a large family. I like that this recipe is easily customizable. We would probably switch for black beans at my house. This looks super easy, and the kids can each make their own.

Low-Carb Black Bean And Chickpea Burger


Via Babs Projects

As I mentioned, black beans are popular in my house. So I know these Low-Carb Black Bean And Chickpea Burgers would be a hit in my house. I would bake these in the oven or grill them on the grill to have dinner finished quickly for a crowd. Top these with your favorite condiment for a yummy kid-friendly dinner!

So which one of these kid-friendly vegetarian meals would you like to make for large families or even for a crowd? Tell me in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “5 Super Delicious Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Meals For Large Families”

  1. My goodness these are some delicious meals for large families & I love that they are kid friendly too. I love that Mexican Pizzas & the Guacamole Veggie Wrap so much, my kids would love it right away.

  2. Great recipes! I love the Mexican pizzas and the wraps are great idea. I have never thought about using naan bread for pizzas but I think I will try that soon!

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