Healthy Fruit Dessert: Wild Berry Bavarian

Summer is the best time to find fresh berries to use for a healthy fruit dessert like this Wild Berry Bavarian! While the main part of the season may be winding down, there is still plenty of time to hit your local farmer’s market and pick up some delicious fresh berries!


When I go grocery shopping, I always buy berries: strawberries, raspberries and blueberry for my daily healthy smoothie! It is refreshing and tasty! As much as I love those smoothies,  I wanted to try something different with the berries. I wanted to try a new refreshing fruit dessert that will combine deliciousness with all that healthy potential. Berries pack an enormous healthy punch, as I’m sure you know. They’re full of vitamins, nutrients and fiber!

I had a hard time deciding just what type of healthy fruit dessert to make. I went to a local bakery that serves fruit desserts to find inspiration!  They had a large selection of fruit desserts, each one more mouthwatering than the other! It was hard to choose which one to try! I discussed with the chef and he suggested to go for Wild Berry Bavarian! It is an easy healthy fruit dessert that will delight every palate! He didn’t share his secret recipe with me which is understandable but I managed to find a recipe in my mom’s recipe book! I tweaked it a bit: I used less sugar and less cream!

Healthy fruit dessert: Mouthwatering Wild Berry Bavarian


  • 2 Tbsp Gelatin
  • 1/2 cup of Fructose
  • 1 1/2 cup of wild berries: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry
  • 1 cup of cream! I used 15% cream.
  • Mint for decoration

Directions for this healthy fruit dessert

  • Dilute Gelatin in cold water
  • In  a pan, heat 4 Tbsp of water with the fructose until it turns into a syrup!
  • Add Gelatin to your syrup! Mix well and pour in a cup
  • Wash berries, blend them well. Add syrup
  • Whip the cream!
  • Mix the fruits puree and cream.
  • Pour in a pan!
  • Let it cool in fridge for the night
  • Decorate with mint and serve. You can also add a few berries on top to give it make it even more beautiful!

This healthy fruit dessert tastes best when you serve it cold, so keep it in the refrigerator until you’re ready! The best part is that you can mix and match your berries! If you’re not a fan of strawberry, for instance, try swapping them out for blackberries. Don’t like either? Double up on your blueberries! It’s a totally customizable dish that’s easy to make!

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