Easy Picnic Lunch Idea: Cold Butterball Turkey Breast Wraps

With the nice weather around the corner, I bet you are looking for easy picnic lunch ideas? Butterball Turkey Breast roast wraps got you covered! It is easy, healthy and delicious! The whole family will love it, even your pickiest eater. As much as I love picnic I do not like preparing fancy picnic lunch. I usually go with easy sandwiches, drinks and some healthy snacks! Last year, I wasn’t creative enough for our picnic lunches. I went always with the same sort of bread, same sort of spread and meat.


This year, thanks to Butterball, I got more inspiration. In preparation for our upcoming picnics, I wanted to try the wrap breads.

For this recipe, I went with a Wrap, Butterball Turkey Breasts cooked and Avocado! I was a bit nervous because Avocado can turn black, but I added enough citrus to keep its original color!

Cold Butterball Turkey Breast wraps: Perfect and easy picnic lunch idea!

Cooked Butterball Turkey Breast


  • Butterball Turkey Breasts: I went with cooked version
  • Wraps: I chose 2 varieties: whole grain wraps and spinach wraps
  • Favorite spread: I used an avocado spread
  • Cheese: I went with Swiss Cheese for the first wrap and goat cheese for the second one.
  • 1 Avocado sliced! Slicing an avocado can be messy. I usually cut it lengthwise and spoon it!
  • Lemon: so the avocado keeps its color

Make it

  • Spread the avocado spread on the wrap.
  • Add the cheese, Butterball Turkey Breast
  • Top with avocado
  • Roll up!

For the whole grain wrap, I served with Blueberries, baby carrots, tomato and lettuce! For the spinach wrap, I served with spinach and sliced cheese.


Cold butterball turkey breast made with healthy spinach wraps.

Result of this easy picnic lunch idea: Delicious!!

The kids and I enjoyed every bite. I even prepared extra for my son’s lunch! I stored them in my Tupperware container and refrigerate them. The next day, they were as fresh as we made them (according to my son).

I will definitely make them for our next picnic lunch. It is easy, healthy and delicious! Need another great easy picnic lunch idea? Check out our Baguette Sandwich with Butterball Turkey Bacon!

What is your favorite easy picnic lunch idea? Share it with me

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  1. This would make a great addition to the healthier meal choices my husband and I are trying. I like the idea of simplicity and the wrap is perfect!

  2. Now that looks heavenly! We love to use butterball turkey breast. It’s always a good price and tastes great. We’ll have to try this wrap for our next picnic!

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