Cheap Vegetarian Meals For Large Families

These Cheap Vegetarian Meals For Large Families will leave you satisfied and happy. Even the meat eaters in the family will love them!

These Cheap Vegetarian Meals For Large Families will leave you satisfied and happy. Not only are they frugal, they are delicious and will please even the meat eaters in your family. From hearty casseroles to soups these are some of our favorite go-to vegetarian meals. Being budget friendly just makes these an excellent choice for any large family.

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Cheap Vegetarian Meals For Large Families

vegetarian meals for large families chili

Five Spot Green Living shares a wonderful Crockpot Vegetarian Chili that is frugal, easy and one of those awesome meals that everyone in your family will be asking for over and over again. Make a double batch and freeze in portions for easy reheating. This makes a large batch, but at this cost you can easily make 2-3 times as much for freezing and have simple vegetarian meals to grab and reheat on super busy nights.

vegetarian meals for large families alambre

If you like fajitas, then you are going to adore this Vegetarian Alambre from Going Reno. It is chock full of hearty vegetables, flavor a bit of char if you cook on the grill. This recipe has cheese, but you can use soy cheese or leave it off and still enjoy a truly delicious meal anyone and everyone will love.


This Healthy Vegetarian Tortilla Soup is a perfect meal year round. Another favorite from Five Spot Green Living, it is great made in large batches and super frugal. Serve with some tortilla chips or strips and a hearty appetite.

broccoli-cobbler vegetarian meal for large families

This Vegetarian Broccoli Cobbler from A Virtuous Woman is a delicious hearty meal that is inexpensive, healthy and a family favorite. Add this to the menu plan and even your pickiest eater will be asking for more.

veganrolls vegetarian meals for large families

The Gardening Cook shares a recipe for Vegetarian Salad Rolls that is super simple, delicious and full of nutrients. This can be a side or an entire meal depending on how many you indulge in. Using fresh from the garden vegetables makes this a frugal and healthy choice that everyone will love.

3 Boys and a Dog shared this delicious Vegetarian Spinach Quiche recipe. For vegans this would be a no go with its eggs and dairy, but if you aren’t as strict this is a favorite of our cheap vegetarian meals for large families.

This Vegetarian Lentil Patty is a perfect substitute for other popular “burgers” and great recipe shared by our friends at Powerful Mothering. This is super frugal, high protein and a great choice for anyone looking to cut out some of the meat in their diet but still enjoy a good delicious burger on occasion.

These cheap vegetarian meals for large families are perfect choices for everyone to enjoy including your meat eating family members.

Do you have any favorite cheap vegetarian meals for large families that you love to make? Share in the comments!

26 thoughts on “Cheap Vegetarian Meals For Large Families”

  1. These are some great choices to get healthy & delicious vegetarian meals for a large family under your own budget. Would be so helpful when we organize a get-together at home during every weekend. The Spring Rolls & the Crockpot chilli would be a hit with my family.

  2. The Crockpot Vegetarian Chili looks really delicious and I think that is something my family would eat. We don’t do too many main dinner meals meatless but I certainly know that a meatless meal is a healthy alternative.

  3. This is perfect. My 6 year-old passed a slaughter truck one day not long ago while we were out walking and a cow mooed. Ever since then he has refused meat. I would love to come up with some vegetarian meals for our whole family!

  4. I love chili and tortilla soup, so I can’t wait to try out making them vegetarian. Sometimes you just don’t want to be weighed down with meat (or don’t have it because you forgot to grab some at the store!), so this is perfect :)

  5. I am a big meat eater, but when my husband was a vegetarian, I’d have to go along with it. He’s not a vegetarian anymore, but still these meals will probably appeal to him. The chili definitely appeals to me too. I’m g oing to ask my Mom to cook one of htese meals when my sister (who is a vegetarian) and I are both over or suggest my sister cook one of these when I visit her.

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