Campbell’s Soup Kits, Charity and Prizes Oh My!

Campbell’s Soup Kits, Charity and Prizes Oh My!: Purchase Campbells or Pepperidge Farm at any Loblaws to location to support President’s Choice Children’s Charities!



It is getting to be my favourite time of year again, back to school, early morning swimming lessons, chilly football games, and apple picking with the family.  It can also be a chaotic time of year as we all get back into the swing of things.  I love to warm up with a good stew or soup, but I don’t always plan right, and forget to toss everything in the crock-pot.  Busy moms know what I mean!

Campbell’s Answer To Busy Moms: Soup Kits

Campbell’s must know what I mean too, they have come up with a great alternative to help us busy moms out when it is time to feed the family.  Their answer?  Soup Kits!   So what are Soup Kits you ask?  Campbell’s has carefully selected their ingredients, such as barley, red wine powder, dehydrated carrots, onions, savoy cabbage and shiitake mushrooms as the base of their Beef and Barley Soup Kit.  All you need to do is add Campbell’s Beef Broth, some diced steak, and spinach and in 65 minutes or less you have yourself a nice hearty soup for the whole family!

Campbell Canada Helps You Give Back With Souptember 

Since 2006, Campbell Company of Canada has been a proud sponsor for President’s Choice Children’s Charity (PCCC). PCCC sponsors food programs offering healthy lunches to keep kids going and learning all day long. In addition, PCCC supports children with special needs by raising money for special grants that allow them to help families who are in need of medical equipment and essential therapies to help them thrive.

Campbell Canada, Pepperidge Farms, Loblaw and PCCC are giving you the opportunity to help give back in celebration of the launch of the new innovative Soup Kits and the reformulated Healthy Request. This year, from August 21 through October 1, 2015 when you purchase any Campbell’s Soup and Pepperidge Farm products from any Loblaw location, a portion of the proceeds will go to helping local families in need with equipment needed for special needs and nutritious lunches for kids.  Up to $75K will be donated to President’s Choice Children’s Charities on behalf of Campbell’s Souptember!  This Souptember, for every product you purchase, 10 cents will be donated to President’s Choice Children’s Charity up to $75K.  You will help many families benefit from necessary medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

Retweet to Win! 

Mark your calendar and set a reminder on your phone, because from September 14-18 you can enter the #CampbellsSouptember Retweet to Win contest!  Follow @sheblogsMedia and @Campbell Canada on Twitter to participate for a chance to win Loblaw gift certificates and prize bags!

We all want to be able to give back and donate when we can.  Campbell’s Souptember is a great opportunity to be able to do so and not break the bank.  You are already purchasing Campbell’s products you have loved for years, and without your wallet being aware, you are giving back to those who need it.

Campbell’s Soup Kits, Charity and Prizes Oh My!: Purchase Campbells or Pepperidge Farm at any Loblaws to location to support President’s Choice Children’s Charities!

Visit the President’s Choice Children’s Charities website to learn more about Campbell’s Souptember!


Although this post has been generously sponsored by Campbell Canada, the opinions and language are my own.

30 thoughts on “Campbell’s Soup Kits, Charity and Prizes Oh My!”

  1. If there’s one food that my girls don’t have a problem eating, it would be soup. They are huge fans of soup, any kind. Their favorite would be pumpkin, though.

  2. Soup for the Fall is the best and I love the idea of soup kits. Love that Campbell’s is supporting those in need and giving back.

  3. Soup kits sound awesome! I love the idea of having everything on hand and I just have to add broth. I’m so sold (especially during the first month of back to school when I’m super busy).

  4. Soup for the fall is PERFECT! I love having a hot bowl of soup to curl up with a good book and a hot tea and just enjoy the fall day. I will have to check into this kits!

  5. Soup is a staple at our house, especially during the fall and winter. And we love Campbell’s! I’ll have to check out their soup kits. Anything to make crazy life a little easier, right?

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