7 Summer BBQ Hacks To Rock That Backyard Party!


Today we’re sharing our favorite summer BBQ hacks to really rock your back yard party! Is there anything more relaxing than hanging out with family and friends on your back deck enjoying a barbecue? They’re my favorite types of parties! A casual atmosphere, good food and great conversation: all you need for a fun gathering. Make it even more relaxing with these summer BBQ hacks to help save you time and money!

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Summer BBQ Hacks to Save Time and Money

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Barbecues are extremely fun and do not need to be fancy. Here are some BBQ hacks for you to try this summer.

Party Box

Try making a party box full of glasses, plates, napkins, and any other important things you need for a barbecue. That way, when the BBQ fever strikes, you’re ready to go. Share it with your friends or neighbors and make it fun.

Corn on the Cob

Instead of having to keep running in and out of your house during a BBQ, try cooking your corn on the cob in a cooler. Yes, in a cooler, you didn’t misread that!  It saves you stovetop space, and you will not have to carry all of the corn out later. Your corn also has a less chance of getting cold. Check out how to do it here.

Dirty Dishes

If you are not using plastic or paper plates try setting up a marked dirty dish bin for your guests. This helps keep people from wandering back and forth between your house and your yard. It is also easier for you to clean up and do your dishes later. If you do opt for disposable, get a set of earth-friendly plates and utensils.


Here is a fun and creative way to write your guest’s meat doneness. Write their names and how they want it done with ketchup on their buns. It is simple, and you have already added their ketchup for them.

Mark Your Meat

If your guests aren’t a fan of the ketchup idea, you can make or buy cool little meat markers. For a super simple approach, just use different colored plastic flags for different types of meat. If you want to get really fancy, invest in a set of metal markers or grill charms.

Frozen Water Balloons

Instead of going out and buying many bags of ice, try freezing water balloons. Place your drinks or bottles of your drinks in bowls of or buckets of frozen water balloons. It is creative and will look very nice.

Ice Block

If you have a huge punch bowl and do not want to waste ice, try making a huge ice block for your punch. It melts slower and waters down your punch less. To make it try using something like a loaf pan or cake pan and fill it with water. Freeze it the night before and the next day to release it turn it upside down and run hot water over the pan until it pops out.

With these simple BBQ hacks, you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters during your party: your friends and family! BBQs are supposed to be fun and relaxing, after all. Looking for more great organizing hacks for the kitchen? Check out these awesome microwave hacks to save you time!

Do you have any favorite BBQ hacks that save time and money? Tell us in the comments!

5 thoughts on “7 Summer BBQ Hacks To Rock That Backyard Party!”

  1. I love the party box suggestion – we actually picked up this nifty basket thing from Target a few years ago; it has slots/holders for plates, napkins, plastic utensils, and condiments. We keep this stocked and readily available in our kitchen so we can grab it at a moment’s notice.

    Also, the ketchup name idea is too cute – this would be great for a child’s birthday party!

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