5 Super Fun Outdoor Family Games to Play This Memorial Day

With the unofficial start to summer fast approaching, we have five super fun patriotic outdoor family party games to play this Memorial Day. With BBQ’s and get togethers on the horizon, you want to keep the kids (and adults!) entertained, and games that include everyone are the way to go!

With the unofficial start to summer fast approaching, I took the liberty of gathering up five super fun Memorial Day family games.  With BBQ’s and get together on the horizon, you want to keep the kids (and adults!) entertained, and games that include everyone are the way to go!  Here are some of my faves to play with friends and family when the weather starts to get warmer.

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5 Fun Memorial Day family games

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Potato sack races: This is not just for kids!  You need a burlap sack or a really sturdy pillowcase.  Ideally, you want it to go up to the jumper’s waist.  A king size pillow case might be what you need for the adults.  Mark a clear start and finish point.  Be sure there is enough room for jumping all over the place!  If you can’t find sacks or pillowcases large enough, a good alternative is a 3-legged race.  Try pairing adults with kids; it is not as easy as it sounds!

Cornhole: You may also know this game as bean bag toss.  You can make your own with some plywood!  Or you can purchase a kid-friendly game (check out Amazon).  But, if you want to make it a serious game (and let’s be real, sometimes adults can be competitive!) regulation cornhole is two sets of a wooden board that are 24×48 inches and set 27 feet apart (which is a little longer than a pontoon boat!).

Horseshoes: You know this classic summer game.  It doesn’t feel like summer until a good game of horseshoes is played.  And Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer right?  These days they sell rubber horseshoes (maybe there were some serious horseshoe accidents over the years that prompted this safer creation).  Now if you are getting all technical, the stakes need to be placed 40 feet apart.  But I think for the sake of the kids, you can move them a bit closer.  

Giant Jenga: You can make this yourself!  You just need a plank of wood that measures 8x3x2, about 56 of them or so (an even number at least).  Stack them up, just like the game you know, so they are crisscrossed and one on top of the other so there is no space.  Then take turns pushing one piece out at a time, without knocking over the entire tower.  You can push and pull from anywhere (but not the top, that is cheating).

Giant Twister: You may have seen this on Pinterest (I know I have).  Everyone loves twister, right?  They may say they don’t, but once they watch the fun everyone is having, they want in too.  All you need is spray paint (green, yellow, red and blue) and a large piece of cardboard with a big hole cut out.  You also need to create the spinner board (which is simple using a brad and cardboard).  Find a spot in your yard to spray paint the giant circles (5 of each color).  When you make the spinner board, you need one of each color for each section (right foot, left foot, right arm, left arm).  Then let the fun begin!  Make sure someone is taking photos; you want to capture these moments!

I love when we can all get together with family and friends and enjoy the outdoors, and these Memorial Day family games just make it all that much more fun.  The unofficial start to summer is fast approaching, and that means more time outside and time with family.  If you need some ideas for the younger kids, check out our favorite Memorial Day activities for kids too!

How do you like to spend your time outside with family and friends?  Do you have any favorite Memorial Day family games?  Share your faves with us in the comment section below!

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  1. Back when I lived in Florida, we used to celebrate 4th of July with the church folks! We would all bring food and head to the beach for some fun in the sun! We also had activities in the park, and one of my favorites was the potato sack races.

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