Give Your Table a Patriotic Makeover for the 4th of July!

Give your buffet a patriotic makeover with these easy 4th of July table decorating ideas! Make your own DIY decorations or buy pieces and put them together!

Nothing pulls together a party decor theme better than the table that holds all the yummy treats, right? Fortunately, decorating your table with the spirit of the 4th of July is easily done with red, white and blue decorations. From flags to pinwheels, these 4th of July table decorating ideas will show of your patriotism!

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4th of July Table Decorating Ideas

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Bandana table runner– This is probably one of the easiest table decorating ideas that will also be a huge hit at your 4th of July party. All you need to do is take red, white and blue bandanas and overlap them on your table. Or you can get a patriotic flag bananda for the same effect! You can use food trays or other decorations to ensure they stay in place. Another great option for your table: Home Made Interest’s tie dye table cloth!


Flag and pinwheel centerpiece– Flags and pinwheels are fun, patriotic and make a great centerpiece for your table. We love the pinwheel tutorial from Practically Functional! You can use this centerpiece for things like displaying party favors. All you need is a clear ice bucket or other large container, some silver tinsel, patriotic pinwheels and some flags. You can have them all the same size or choose a variety of sizes. Add the silver tinsel to the bottom of the bucket or container and then add in the pinwheels and flags.


Patriotic votive candles: One of my favorite table decorating ideas is to add pretty themed votive candles strategically throughout the scene. Obviously, you want to keep them away from flammable foods! If you use small tea lights in a votive holder, though, they cast lovely glowing light without letting the flame flicker over the top. Or use flameless tea light candles! I really love this Fourth of July Candle Holder tutorial from Quirky Inspired!


4th of July water bottles– Just take regular water bottles and wrap flags around them before placing them on the table for your guests. You want to use fabric flags or plastic flags instead of paper, since paper will get wet when the bottles sweat. The exception is washi tape. Check out this easy tutorial for patriotic water bottles from Washi Tape Crafts!


Fireworks in a vase– This is a neat idea for table decorations. You will need a vase, oil, food coloring (red, yellow, blue and green), warm water, a small cup and a fork. Fill the vase about ¾ of the way up with warm water. In the small glass, add a bit of oil and a drop or two of each color of food coloring. You don’t want to add too much food coloring since it will turn the water dark in a hurry. Using the fork, stir the food coloring mixture and then add to the vase. You will notice the food coloring slowly sinks in the vase, looking much like fireworks.

Patriotic Utensil Holder: Wrangle all those knives, forks, spoons and napkins in style with this fun table decorating idea from Crafts by Amanda! She made a super cute recycled patriotic utensil holder using items you probably already have on hand and a few basic craft supplies. It really brings the whole table together, don’t you think?


These are just a few of my favorite 4th of July table decorating ideas. You can come up with many other ideas if you just think “red, white and blue!” Incorporate the American Flag (respectfully, of course), stars, stripes and fireworks into your theme and you’ll have a beautiful table! Now, you just need to fill it! Check out our 4th of July Recipes: Delicious Patriotic Recipe Makeovers for ideas!

Do you have any favorite 4th of July table decorating ideas? Share in the comments!


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  1. These are all great ideas. I just love the pinwheels and the glass candle holders. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG!! You are sooo crafty! I just love all of these. I would love to make the tie dyed tablecloth for myself and all of the rest would be super fun to do with my niece whom I am going to visit tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

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