Give Mom Personalized Gifts from the Heart for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is on its way soon and I am going to be on top of it. I haven’t always had the best track record with finding a beautiful gift for my mom for Mother’s Day. The years I am on the ball, my Mom’s whole face lights up with surprise and excitement. Other years I get the polite smile and I know the gift just didn’t have the wow factor I was hoping for. So this year I’m going for a personalized gift that makes her feel extra special, and I found everything I need at Shutterfly.

Have you checked out the amazing personalized photo gifts section lately? Not only are there a ton of choices so the gift is extra special, but the quality of the gifts is amazing. I know when someone has given me a personalized gift it feels so special they took the time to make something that is just for me.

Make Mother’s Day Personal With Shutterfly’s Creative Photo Gift Ideas

I have to let you in on my secret. I had a hard time choosing just one gift for my mom because I love so many of the choices. I have narrowed down my choice to my top three ideas. Maybe you can help me decide which one to pick dear readers?

  1. Cool Personalized Coffee Mugs


 If you need a little inspiration for a gift, start by checking out these cool personalized coffee mugs at Shutterfly. They come in so many fun color options too, so you can get mom’s favorite! I particularly love the stainless steel travel mugs as so many of us are on the go. It’s so hard to decide, as some of the ceramic mugs come with hot chocolate or some seriously delicious looking chocolates. Chocolate may win this time! I can include pictures of my kiddos and the whole family.


I was happily surprised to see how easy it was to add my own personal photos on Shutterfly. I had to add that selfie of me and my mom from Easter to my project when I was testing out how the mug might look. Shutterfly also has this cool new art library, which is full of beautiful pictures and quotes you can add to your projects. I want some of these images printed on a canvas for my home, the images all are beautiful.

  1. Personalized Wine Glasses and Mason Jars


Shutterfly has been expanding into some other super fun photo gifts that are so personal that they catch you by the heart. Check out these custom wine glasses and mason jars! You can include mom’s monogram, a quote to inspire her, or even something funny. My mom would die laughing if I gave her a glass with “Queen” and her name on it. These are such adorable gifts, and feel even more special printed on glassware.

  1. Personalized Blankets


You have to check out one more great idea, because it’s just so cute I can barely stand it. I just love these personalized plush fleece blankets and Sherpa fleece blankets. These are seriously one of the cutest personalized gift ideas I’ve ever seen. I know my mom’s eyes would light up seeing a blanket with her family printed across it. Even better I love how lovely some of these styles are. Why hello beautiful monograms and art! These are high quality blankets with clear images. How cute would it be to include a picture of your kid’s drawing alongside their photo on a blanket for someone special on Mother’s Day?


Shutterfly has lots of other unique photo gifts. Looking through these different options, there are so many great ideas. I like how quick these gifts are to put together. They are super-fast to create with all the great features. It’s the thought that counts, so focus your efforts and give something personal that will light up the eyes of your favorite mom on Mother’s Day. For me? It’s beautiful!

I think I’ve figured out what I’m getting my mom for Mother’s Day. It’s a hard choice, but I know she’d love the blanket… and a coffee mug… but the personalized glassware is super adorable… Maybe I can make her a birthday gift at the same time that I make her Mother’s Day gift!

Which of the personalized photo gifts over on Shutterfly would you get for your favorite mom on Mother’s Day? Tell me in the comments!

24 thoughts on “Give Mom Personalized Gifts from the Heart for Mother’s Day”

  1. Mothers day is always so special for me as I love getting the best gift for my wonderful mom. And I have always preferred personalized gifts that could touch her heart & express my love as well. The Coffee Mugs & Blankets are some great gift ideas anytime.

  2. I adore photo gifts! I think they’re an often overlooked gift idea that’s perfect for just about anyone. I’ve been wanting to make a custom photo blanket. Yours turned out SO well!

    1. You totally should make one of these blankets, it was super easy to put together. I think I’m going to order a second blanket for myself with the same design!

  3. Personalized stuff are really awesome gift ideas. I like the mugs and the mason jars! Any gift will make a mother feel special, even the most simple ones.

  4. Shutterfly is a great way to make personalized gifts. I will have to check it out for my Mothers Day gift.

  5. These are all such a great idea. I would love to get any of them. All these personalized items are always so nice to have.

    1. Those blankets are truly one of a kind! Unless I make one for me too. The images turned out perfect. I was so thrilled with how the finished product looks! The mugs are fun too though. My mom is going to love showing of the ballerina picture to her friends while she casually sips her coffee. 🙂

  6. My mom’s favorite gifts were always the personalized ones that included our photos, or hand prints or something special like that. They make excellent Mother’s Day gifts.

  7. I love shopping at Shutterfly for all occasions. I believe that giving the gift of a personalized gift means so much more than just a random one. Thanks for the reminder about mother’s day 🙂

  8. It’s always so hard to know what to for someone that has everything. These ideas are awesome, I really like the mugs.

  9. My mom is no longer with us but I’d love any personalized gifts for Mother’s day. to me personalized is just a lot more fun and thoughtful! I love the mugs!

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