Tell Mom You’re Proud to Be “Just Like Her” with Flowers from Teleflora + Giveaway #ImJustLikeHer

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As a teenager, I didn’t want to hear that I was just like my mom. I was my own person, I didn’t want to be “just like” anyone! Yes, I was a bit of a rebel. As I got older, though, I realized that it was a compliment! After all, my mom worked very hard to raise two kids on her own. She’s smart, compassionate and incredibly creative: things that I strive to be every day. While I try to show her how much I love her every day, I really want to drive that message home on Mother’s Day.

I love giving my mom flowers from Teleflora for Mother’s Day, not just because they make the perfect gift, but also because it reminds me of all the years she gave them to my grandmother on the holiday. We would always stop at a local florist on the way up to my grandparents’ house, about 50 miles away, so she could pick out something beautiful. Giving her beautiful flowers is another way that I can show her how proud I am to be just like her.

3 Bouquets That Show Mom I’m Proud to be Just Like Her

I love buying my mom flowers from Teleflora. They have a gorgeous selection, vases that scream “reuse me!” AND they partner with local florists so you always get amazingly fresh arrangements that are as unique as your mom.  Check out a few of my favorites!

Sparkle and Shine Bouquet for Chic Moms


I love the Sparkle and Shine bouquet because it’s so chic and modern, just like my mom. Plus, purple is her favorite color, another thing that I got from her. The bouquet features pink roses, white lilies and sprigs of lavender (my mom’s favorite scent!).

Splendid Garden Bouquet


When I was a kid, my mom never really had an interest in gardening. I think maybe that’s because she just didn’t have the time. My grandmother was always the gardener in our family. Over the years, though, my mom developed a love of growing things, so I always try to get her something gardening-related for Mother’s Day. The Splendid Garden Bouquet is perfect because it’s like two gifts in one: flowers and a super cute watering pail that she can use later!

Dancing Violets


How perfect is this bouquet for moms like mine who adore the color purple? The daisies remind me of the flowers that I would pick as a child. I can picture her reusing that vase to brighten up her desk, it’s just the right size for holding pens, pencils, and other office supplies.

Teleflora has other gorgeous Mother’s Day bouquets that celebrate your similarities as well as her own unique style. I’ve received flowers from them many times over the years and they’re always even more beautiful than they look on the website. Every Teleflora bouquet is professionally-arranged and hand-delivered by your local florist; and arrives ready to enjoy. I love how they partner with local florists, so I feel like I’m still supporting my community while taking advantage of the convenience of online ordering. The last time I got flowers from them, the delivery man even tromped through two feet of snow to deliver right to my door!

Visit Teleflora to see their most popular Mother’s Day arrangements up close and learn more about each bouquet. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news, and on Instagram for inspiration!

Watch the video 

The video honors mom, celebrating everything that makes her so special and commemorates all those unique similarities you share with mom. Viewers who watch the video will be rewarded with a special 20% discount on any Teleflora bouquet.

Mother’s Day Bouquet Giveaway

Teleflora is giving one of you the chance to win the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet for your mom! One winner will receive a bouquet of her choice valued up to $75. Giveaway is open to US residents and ends on April 30th. Enter below for your chance to win!


How are you proud to be just like your mom? Tell us below!


112 thoughts on “Tell Mom You’re Proud to Be “Just Like Her” with Flowers from Teleflora + Giveaway #ImJustLikeHer”

  1. themommyfiles

    Teleflora is a great service! I love the purple flowers and vases! These are some great ideas for Mother’s Day!

  2. I love the Daisies because they are my moms favorite flower and

    they look gorgeous in the beautiful purple vase.

  3. Beth Wiggins Chambers

    Definitely sparkle bouquet and my Mom is the strongest, bravest woman I know so if I am half the woman she is, I’m happy love u mom! ♡

  4. I love the Sparkle and Shine Bouquet! Purple is my favorite color…and the vase is great! And the flowers look so big & bright!

  5. Megan Elizabeth

    My Mom is so Special and Deserving! We lost my Father in January to Cancer, and I would Love to win to put a smile on her face.

  6. I love the Dancing Violets Bouquet but I think all of them are beautiful. My mom was always honest and straight to the point,she always was strong and fiercely loved her children.

  7. the splendid garden bouquet is my favorite. My mother showed me how to be strong and to treat everyone the same.

  8. My favorite is the

    Teleflora’s Artisanal Beauty Bouquet. What a great selection. Hard to choose just one. Thanks so much.

  9. These are such beautiful options. My mom doesn’t normally like flowers but I often get her some anyways.

  10. each of these bouquets are lovelier than the next! The flowers are such gorgeous colors and I can’t imagine any mom wouldn’t be thrilled to one of these on mother’s day!

  11. I would love to receive one of these bouquets for Mother’s Day. They are all really gorgeous. Any one of them would be great to have. I think this is a great idea.

  12. These flowers are just gorgeous! Celebrating Mother’s Day isn’t complete without a beautiful flower and of course with those sweet words from your children!

  13. I am going to have one happy mommy this Mothers Day. I’m going to get my mom that bouquet with the watering can vase. She’ll flip.

  14. This is the best! I’m going to send my mom one of these beautiful bouquets for Mother’s Day this year. She’s going to love them!

  15. Kelly Hutchinson

    Who doesn’t love having their day made by getting a beautiful bouquet from Teleflora? I love the purple floral vase. So pretty!

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