Our Fair Trade Bags Make Fantastic Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

Looking for  fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas that will last the whole year round? Our Fair Trade bags are simply perfect!


While I think we moms are fabulous every day of the year, Mother’s Day is our one day where everyone else gets to tell us just how much we mean to them. As much as I love flowers and candy, they’re usually gone within a week. I love when I get something I can use the whole year round. Our gorgeous Fair Trade bags are exactly that! Take a look at my top three reasons why I think our Fair Trade bags make great Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Fair Trade Bags:  Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There are many reasons why Fair Trade bags make great Mother’s Day gift ideas! They’re simply gorgeous to look at, lightweight to carry and come in so many different sizes you can have one for every occasion! Still, there are three things in particular that make me fall in love with these bags every time I see them.

  • They’re designed and crafted by women in developing nations. This makes me feel good about carrying them. I know that when I carry one of these bags, I’m helping women better their own communities.
  • The colors! Don’t you just love the colors in these bags? They have a very bohemian style that totally fits my own style. They’re so vivid and fun!
  • I get to give back twice. Not only are our Fair Trade bags designed by women in developing nations, we also donate a portion of each sale to organizations that help children in need. So I get a gorgeous bag and give back to the world in two different ways.

Check out our Fair Trade collection to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas. We have several different varieties for every budget and need, from large tote bags to small wallets.

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