DIY Washi Tape Cuff Bracelet Gift for Mother’s Day


Looking for a super easy and cute homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas? this Washi Tape cuff bracelet isn’t just stylish, it’s inexpensive to make and takes very little time to pull together. Make one for your own mom or hand the supplies over to your daughter and let her get creative with a beautiful Mother’s Day gift for you! Check out the details on how easy it is to make!

Mother’s Day Gifts – DIY Mother’s Pendant

DIY  Washi Tape Cuff Bracelet Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Supplies needed:


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  • paper towel tube
  • Washi tape (you can find this at craft stores, dollar stores or on Amazon)
  • heavy duty tape (like packaging tape)
  • scissors

Make This Washi Tape cuff bracelet

Step 1: Cut a piece of the paper towel tube approximately 2 inches. wide and make a cut so that it can come apart.


Step 2: Cover both sides of the cuff with heavy duty tape. And trim the excess tape on the edges with the scissors.


Step 3: Start wrapping the washi tape around the bracelet and let it the two ends meet in the middle on the inside of the bracelet.


Step 4: Keep adding tape in sections across the bracelet until you get to the end of both sides. Trim excess tape from the ends.


That’s it! Now you have a beautiful handmade Mother’s Day gift idea that she’ll love! You can find so many different colors and patterns of Washi tape, so go ahead and create one for every day of the week if you want! Of course, if you love crafting, you don’t have to wait for someone to make you one! You can always make your own too!

What do you think of this washi tape cuff bracelet? What have you made with washi tape?


31 thoughts on “DIY Washi Tape Cuff Bracelet Gift for Mother’s Day”

  1. Audrey Fernandez

    I had no idea that Washi tapes could be put to such a good use. A great idea for a Mother’s Day gift – keeping in mind the amount of love in making it. Just be careful with the scissors, children.

  2. This idea is genius and I’m jealous I didn’t think of this first haha. This is such a fun craft, I think my son and I will make some today for grandma (what can washi tape NOT do?).

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