6 Cutest Mother’s Day Cards She’ll Want to Keep Forever

This May,  give mom one of these 6 cutest Mother's Day cards along with a heartfelt message and she'll want to keep it in her treasure box forever!

When it comes to Mother’s Day cards, there are really two types. The  first are the cards she reads once and sticks on a mantle until about a week after the holiday. Those usually end up in the recycling bin, albeit with a touch of guilt. Then there are cards that she looks at again and again before tucking away in her “special treasures box,” to keep forever. This Mother’s Day, give her a card that she’ll want to keep forever.  How? Well, there are actually two steps to that!

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How to give Mother’s Day cards she’ll keep forever

Step 1: Find or make a really cute card! You have a few options with this step. You can either make a card yourself from scratch, or you can get a beautiful photo card. Both are my favorite options for Mother’s Day cards (although I really do love when my son makes them for me!). If you’re not feeling the crafting bug, check out 6 of my favorite photo cards from Shutterfly (below) that she’ll definitely want to keep forever!

Step 2: Write something meaningful! Don’t just sign it “love, your kid.” Say something that matters, something that you haven’t said before! That part is totally up to you. Now let’s go back to step one.

Beautiful Mother’s Day Quotes and Messages

6 Cutest Mother’s Day Cards from Shutterfly

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Shutterfly has always been my go-to source for awesome photo cards. They’re fast, reliable and always have great quality. Plus they tend to have tons of coupons around the holidays. Check back because we’ll update this as soon as the Mother’s Day coupons come out. For now, though, check out their special offers section to save up to 50% on photo gifts. Ready to check out those super cute Mother’s Day cards I promised you? Here we go! I’ve included a mix of cards for both moms and grandmothers!


Daisy Wishes Mother's Day White 5x7 Folded Card
Daisy Wishes Mother’s Day White 5×7 Folded Card – $2.99

Pretty pastel daisies bloom on this Mother’s Day card above a favorite picture for Mom. Every day should be a mother’s day indeed. (Message inside: Happy Mother’s Day!)
I Love Grandma Mother's Day Purple 5x7 Folded Card
I Love Grandma Mother’s Day Purple 5×7 Folded Card – $2.99

A purple ribbon delivers a sweet and simple message against a lovely picture: I love my grandma. Worthy of framing with its simple beauty. (Message inside: happy (grand)mother’s day.)
Made For Mom Mother's Day White 5x7 Folded Card
Made For Mom Mother’s Day White 5×7 Folded Card – $2.99

Make mom a truly unique Mother’s Day card by using her child’s artwork. Add a personalized message and more photos inside.
The Best Mom Ever Mother's Day Pink 5x7 Folded Card
The Best Mom Ever Mother’s Day Pink 5×7 Folded Card – $2.99

Because she deserves it. Send Mom a personalized Mother s Day card filled with a sweet message and favorite photos.
Mother Is Mother's Day White 5x7 Folded Card
Mother Is Mother’s Day White 5×7 Folded Card – $2.99

Show her how much she means to you with this beautiful card!
Lovely Branches Pink 5x7 Folded Card
Lovely Branches Pink 5×7 Folded Card – $2.99

Love the colors and layout here!  Add favorite photos inside and out and your own message.

Which of these cute Mother’s Day cards do you love the most? Tell us in the comments!
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20 thoughts on “6 Cutest Mother’s Day Cards She’ll Want to Keep Forever”

  1. These are such cute Mother’s Day cards. I usually just make them and print them out. I love the “I Love My Grandma” one. That’s so cute!

  2. Homemade cards are my favorite! But having their artwork or photos uploaded to a card is pretty cute too. I cherish all cards that come from my kids.

  3. Shutterfly is always a great choice for cards! I love the option to use the kids’ artwork. I will have to look into that one and start dropping hints to my kids and husband.

  4. When I was a child we ‘printed’ cards on the computer and they had very rough simple designs on thick cardstock- my mom still treasures them to this day. I can only imagine how much delight she’d get from a photo card at Shutterfly.

  5. These are too cute! I save all of the cards that my son gives to me. Time goes by too quickly and I love to save memories.

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