10 Amazingly Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Can you believe Mother’s Day is practically here already?

I’m having such a hard narrowing down my favorite thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas for my mom!

I have so many ideas, but obviously can’t afford to buy them all!

Check out what I’ve come up with so far and help me decide!


Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

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1. Mother & Daughter Necklace



I really love this Mother & Daughter necklace10-amazingly-thoughtful-mothers-day-gift-ideas from Efy Tal Jewelry. It’s made of sterling silver, so it won’t get green or grungy over time. The meaning is beautiful, too! It symbolizes the eternal bond between a mom and her daughter. It’s handcrafted in the USA and comes with a 19″ chain, but if it doesn’t fit mom, Efy Tal will customize it for you for free.

2. Custom Handmade Wooden Spoon


My mom took up my grandmother’s cooking mantle after we lost my gran 10 years ago, so this custom handmade wooden spoon10-amazingly-thoughtful-mothers-day-gift-ideas might be perfect for her!  I really love how the name is laser-etched and engraved, rather than just stamped on. I feel like it would last a lifetime that way! The beech wood spoon itself is so lovely, too!

3. Rose Bath and Body Box

My mom and my aunts have this special secret code to find each other in their next lives: they’ll wear a rose and know that they’ve met before. Since the flower is so special to my family, I love the idea of this rose bath and body box as a Mother’s Day gift idea! It comes in a Kraft box all wrapped up with a pink satin ribbon. My favorite is the rose clay & charcoal soap. Doesn’t it look like a geode or a slice of a tree? The salts are made with pink Himalayan salt, which is crazy popular right now!

4.  Luxurious Vanilla Lavender Bath Salt Recipe

Give mom the gift of relaxation with this easy DIY Vanilla lavender bath salts Mother's Day gift idea! It's easy to make yet so luxurious!

If you love the idea of giving her bath goodies, but don’t have the budget to buy them, you can make them yourself! Try our Luxurious Vanilla Lavender Bath Salt Recipe! It literally takes under 10 minutes to make. Put it in a pretty container that she can reuse, and you’ve got two gifts in one!

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5. Espresso Maker


I would probably weep tears of joy if my son got me this DeLonghi Espresso Maker10-amazingly-thoughtful-mothers-day-gift-ideas! Alas, it’s a little out of his 13-year-old price range, but maybe I could get it for my mom and use it, too? Would that be cheating? She loves when I make lattes for her. We have a cheap espresso maker right now, so this would be a fabulous upgrade without completely breaking the bank! I love that you can make two cups at once!

6. Button Bouquet Craft

If you’re looking for thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that your kids can make either for you or grandma, this button bouquet craft is perfect! Most of the supplies are available at dollar stores. Even the supplies from the craft store cost under $2! Kids will need a little help cutting the wire, but other than that even a young child could put this together!

7. Adult coloring books and pencils

My mom loves to color! I try to grab her new books for every holiday. There are tons of amazing adult coloring books out there for every taste and personality. These “I love you Grandma” coloring book10-amazingly-thoughtful-mothers-day-gift-ideas and colored pencils10-amazingly-thoughtful-mothers-day-gift-ideas make such thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas for her inner artist!

8. Mother of Dragons Glass

If you’re looking for thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas under $20 and your mom is a huge Game of Thrones fan, she’ll love this Mother of Dragons glass10-amazingly-thoughtful-mothers-day-gift-ideas! Even though it’s technically a wine glass, she can drink her favorite mocktail or even her morning OJ out of it! It’s made from restaurant-quality glass and is dishwasher safe. That’s super important, because I don’t want to give my mom something that will make extra work for her when it’s time to wash it!

9. Fire HD 10 Tablet

I actually just bought a Kindle Fire HD 10 tablet10-amazingly-thoughtful-mothers-day-gift-ideas for myself recently, and I really love it. I have a 7″ Kindle as well as an iPad, but I’ve been using the 10 more and more lately. I watch movies on it at night, and they look fabulous. I also love reading on it because it’s easier to customize the font for my eyes without ending up having only two paragraphs per page! If your mom loves reading eBooks or playing casual games, this is a great gift idea!

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10. A fancy new camera


If you have a lot of wiggle room in your budget and mom is an aspiring shutterbug, invest in a fabulous new DSLR camera for her. I am a big fan of the Canon EOS Rebel10-amazingly-thoughtful-mothers-day-gift-ideas series. It takes great pictures even on automatic (so she can shoot while learning the manual settings), and you can always find great accessories for it. It’s definitely the most expensive gift idea on this list. If it’s not in your budget, maybe you can go in on it with your siblings?

These are just a few of the thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas that I’m considering! I know that it’s always the thought that counts, so really my mom would love anything that I got her, but I do try to get her something she’ll love!

What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas? Tell me below!





4 thoughts on “10 Amazingly Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love”

  1. Great gift ideas for mothers!! That #1 Mother & Daughter Necklace is looking so elegant and beautiful! Love it!

  2. These are great gift ideas! My mom would love the tablet, I know she has been wanting one. I definitely have to get that for her.

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