Think Outside The Mug: Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Think Outside The Mug: Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Every year as the holidays approach, teachers everywhere dread the endless coffee mugs that will show up as gifts, but this year Think Outside The Mug with these Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers!  While mugs have their place in the world, after the first year of teaching they have more than enough on hand to drink a cup a day every day and never wash dishes!  This year check out these fun and fabulous cute gift ideas for teachers that will have them squealing with joy instead of smiling politely and tucking it into a cupboard!

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Slanted Glass Candy Bowl:  Every teacher likes to have treats on his or her desk to give the kids.  This classic glass candy bowl is the perfect solution!  Not only will it work for any classroom, it has a great slant that helps teachers not overfill the candy dish and suffer from that unfortunate habit of grabbing a piece of chocolate every time they pass by it!

Candy Bowl Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Colorful Washi Tape:  Perfect for decorating various things around their classroom, or simply to use to wrap around their pens so they know which are theirs.  Washi Tape is a great addition to any classroom.  Especially to teachers you know enjoy crafting or personalizing their classroom.

Washi Tape Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Yes I Teach Totebag:  Teachers have tons of papers, books and other items to carry back and forth every day.  This great durable tote bag is perfect!  Stuff some fun candy, a bottle of wine or a gift card inside for a deluxe gift they will love!

Teacher Tote Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Willow Tree Love Of Learning Figurine:  These beautiful angel figurines have always been a favorite of ours.  The love of learning is perfect for the teacher in your life this year!

Willow Tree Teacher Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Geomestrisch Scarf:  This gorgeous scarf from Tea Collection is perfect for your favorite teacher.  Not only is it a great statement piece, it shows you care about their well being too!

Scarf Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Begonia Blossoming Notecards & Stationary:  This beautiful and simple notecard is perfect for those notes home to parents, thank you notes from gifts or simple encouragement notes to their students!

Begonia Teacher Stationary Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Super Cute Heroes Personalized Stationary:  This is such a fun whimsical pattern that can be personalized with the teachers name.  Just right for those quick notes home or a note of encouragement to a student.  Superheroes are perfect for men and women too!

Superhero Teacher Stationary Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers

Don’t get stuck giving a traditional mug this year!  Think Outside The Mug with these Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers!  Something for both male and female teachers on this list will help narrow down your shopping and keep your favorite teacher happy and pleased with what they receive.

Which of these cute gift ideas for teachers is your favorite?
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11 thoughts on “Think Outside The Mug: Cute Gift Ideas For Teachers”

  1. These are all wonderful and thoughtful gifts. I really love that tote bag and I college the Willowtree figures so I think that one is great.

  2. I love the idea of the personalized tote. I know my daughters teacher would get a lot of good use out of these items, so much more than the same old mug.

  3. I’m a teacher and would love any of the items you shared. The washi tape is a great idea — my students “borrow” at least 3 or 4 dozen pencils a week and I never see them again.

  4. Great ideas! There is a limit to how many mugs one person needs. I know the teachers in my life always appreciate items they can use outside of the classroom like accessories or gift cards. I think scarves are one of my top favorite items to give (those classrooms can get really cold!)

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