Mont-Tremblant Village: Stunning during Christmas Holidays

With the Christmas Holidays only few away, I am sure you are looking for a nice place to visit and relax! I highly recommend Mont-Tremblant Village as a family destination for this holiday season! Not because it is located in my Province Quebec but because it is truly stunning during the Christmas holidays! I had the opportunity to stay few nights last Christmas and it was just magical!


Mont-Tremblant Village is only 2 hours away from Montreal! It is renowned for its ski hills and nice boutiques! I find it has this mix of European and North American Style that sets it apart from other ski destinations!

Christmas in Mont-Tremblant Village

Although the Mont-Tremblant Village has nice hotels and condos on site, we didn’t stay in them. Not that we did not want to but because it was pretty expensive! We stayed in Cap Tremblant: a nice resort with great condos that had view on the hill!


The price is half as much as the on-site accommodations! The condo is well furnished. We had all the amenities needed as well as a restaurant in the building! We also had a free shuttle that brings us to Village Mont Tremblant to ski!

It is very convenient to have shuttle because you don’t have to worry about your skis, your ski boots or whatever ski equipment or parking your car!

I cannot describe how beautiful is the Mont-Tremblant village! Check the our slideshow below and you will see how beautiful it is, especially during Christmas holidays, especially if there is enough snow to ski!

The village was crowded and it felt nice and warm. We kicked off our ski season there! My daughter did not want to venture onto the slopes at first. She started with the one for kids! Then my husband (who is quite persuasive) convinced her to try the adult slope! What I loved about it is that it is a long enough slope(7KM) with plenty of curves to rest! The view is breathtaking and it was fun to try!


After one ride, my daughter was exhausted and of course we enjoyed one of the bistro there: a warm lunch!


We enjoyed the music and the shows. It was a nice family time and a great break from our everyday busy lives. We stayed there for 2 nights and 3 days! It was a wonderful time during the Christmas Holidays!


Have you ever been to Mont-Tremblant Village before? How did you like it?



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