3 Awesome New Middle Grade Reads That Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers


 Looking for great Christmas gift ideas for your tween's stocking? These three middle-grade reads full of excitement and adventure are sure to encourage your preteen to hit the books over the holiday break!Looking for great Christmas gift ideas for your tween’s stocking? These three middle-grade reads  full of excitement and adventure are sure to encourage your preteen to hit the books over the holiday break! I always include at least a few books in my son’s stocking. Raising a reader is incredibly important to me. During the school year, he’s kind of “stuck” reading what his teachers tell him to read. I make sure he has books that carry him away on imaginative adventures for his own reading time! Check out these three picks from Skyhorse publishing!

3 Middle Grade Reads For Your Tween’s Stocking

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Adolphus Pringle lived a relatively normal life before he met Henry Hunter, but being the best friend of a 12-year-old millionaire genius certainly makes life interesting. When Adolphus learns that a secret organization wants to sacrifice Henry to the Beast of Snagov, it’s up to him and his friends to save Henry before it’s too late. An intriguing combination of Indiana Jones meets Sherlock Holmes, the Henry Hunter Series is the perfect middle-grade read for all young adventures looking for a bit of supernatural excitement in their lives! Get it on Amazon!


13-year-old Lissa Black is miserable when her parents force her to move from New York to Freeburg, PA. But when a walk in the woods lands her face-to-face with a swamp monster hungry for brains and then a Sasquatch that moos, even Lissa can’t call her new home totally boring. And what do you do with a creature that can be literally anything? Make monster movies, of course! But when one of her friends goes missing on Halloween, she and her friends must face the real Monsterville, which is anything but a game. A fusion of The Boxtrolls, Jumanji, and Candyland, Monsterville is a must read for lovers of supernatural stories! Grab it here!

JUST A DROP OF WATER by Kerry O’Malley Cerra

After the tragedy of September 11, it’s discovered that one of the hijackers lived near protagonist Jake Green and his family, making his Florida town an FBI hot spot. Two days later, the tragedy becomes even more personal when Jake’s best friend, Sam, is pummeled by a bully classmate for being an Arab Muslim. Soon after, Sam’s father is detained by the FBI, and Jake’s mom doubts the innocence of Sam’s family, forcing Jake to choose between his best friend and his parents. A gripping and intensely touching debut, Just a Drop of Water brings the events of September 11 into the lens of a young boy who is desperately trying to understand the ramifications of this life-altering event. Get it here.

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  1. These sound like great books! My kids are still too young for them, but this got me excited for when they’re older. We always include books as part of their gifts because I agree that raising readers is important.

  2. Books are amazing gifts and there’s nothing like giving them new books to enjoy! I always encourage my kids to read more books, they can learn a lot from it and it helps develop their imagination and vocabulary!

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