How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World


More than 2 billion people around the world celebrate Christmas. Each country has their traditions when it comes to the holiday. Isn’t it interesting and enlightening to discover how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Learning about other cultures and traditions opens minds and helps us understand things. Discussing with our children about other countries cultures will raise open-minded (hopefully) adults. So let’s see how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

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How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World


The majority of people that live in Greece are part of the Greek Orthodox Church. On Christmas Eve, children go from house to house singing kalanda, similar to Christmas carols, which is done to bless each home. Christmas dinner usually consists of Christopsomo bread with orange, cloves and cinnamon.


Christmas Eve is celebrated on January 6th in Russia and consists of people attending long church services. Upon returning home, the traditional Christmas Eve dinner features 12 dishes, one representing each of the apostles. A traditional dish served on Christmas is a goose with sour cream sauce.

South Africa-

South Africa is somewhat similar to that of the United States when it comes to Christmas since it is celebrated on December 25th; people have Christmas trees in their homes and kids leave stockings out for Santa to fill with presents on Christmas Eve. What differs is the Christmas meal, which consists of turkey, roast beef or mince pies with Christmas pudding for dessert.


The popular shopping area, Orchard Road and the area of Marina Bay will display Christmas lights and decorations from the early part of November until the early part of January. Other Christmas activities in Singapore include parades, concerts, and caroling.

El Salvador-

Children celebrate Christmas in El Salvador by playing with sparklers and firecrackers while older folks use Roman Candles or other large fireworks. Traditional Christmas dishes include tamales, sautéed turkey sandwiches with lettuce and radishes and sweet bread. On Christmas Day, everyone gathers around the tree to open presents at 12 am.

New Zealand-

In New Zealand, the two statutory holidays are Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Christmas in New Zealand mirrors that of Australia. The people in the country combine local imagery with winter imagery. The Christmas tree of New Zealand is known as the pohutukawa, a plant that produces large crimson flowers.

Did you know these interesting facts about how Christmas is celebrated around the world? 

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  1. I love this. I find it so interesting how people in other countries celebrate the holidays . What;s the same. What’s different. I shared your post on Facebook on my Chasing Joy page.

  2. christina aliperti

    I didn’t know about how christmas is celebrated in other countries. I love learning new things like this, It’s interesting for me to see the things we do differently and also the similarities.

  3. So cool to learn about the history of other countries and how they celebrate Christmas. I guess I never really thought about it before. Sounds like some places celebrate Christmas sort of like how we celebrate 4th of July.

  4. This is great info. I wold love to see this studied in the class room and taught to the kids so they could see how other cultures operate with the same holiday to compare and contrast!

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    I love hearing how other cultures celebrate. I think it;s interesting how they are all so unique.

  6. I did not know these countries Christmas celebration traditions, Thank you for sharing this information, it was very interesting!

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