Gorgeous Christmas Table Decorations for Your Holiday Parties


Gorgeous Christmas Table Decorations for Your Holiday Parties

This year your family meal can become spectacular with these Gorgeous Christmas Table Decorations.  Not only do we have some simple ways to decorate your holiday dinner table, we have some fun crafts you and the kids can assemble with ease.  Don’t hesitate to put your own unique spin on each of these great table decor ideas.


Candy Cane Vase Centerpiece:  One of the most simple, sophisticated and beautiful centerpieces you can create is to take a simple vase and surround it with candy canes.  Secure with ribbon (or a bit of glue) and fill with beautiful red roses for a gorgeous, simple and unique holiday centerpiece.

Cinnamon Stick Candles: Take basic white pillar candles and glue whole cinnamon sticks to the outside creating a faux candle holder that looks and smells wonderful.  Add a small ribbon, bells or other embellishment to create a simple and classic holiday look.

Snowman Place Settings:  Arrange your dinner and salad plates along with some fun scrapbook paper and candy to create a snowman place setting.  This cute spin on the ever popular FROZEN theme is sure to please everyone on your list.

Santa Suit Utensil Packets:  Some quick folds, unique cutting and gluing and you have created a fun and unique Santa Clause paper utensil pack.  These wold be tons of fun to embellish with glitter, sparkly ribbon or even have individual names on them as place settings.

Pine Cone Place Settings:  Pine cones are the perfect item to slide a piece of card stock with a printed name on it into.  Great place settings that go perfectly with the rustic holiday theme. Go a step above and dip the pine cone in glue then dust with glitter for a special snowy or sparkly look.

Cranberry & Candle Vases:  Use simple glass jars or vases for this beautiful and basic decoration.  Fill each jar with cranberries, rocks, sand or other semi-solid item then place a tealight or votive on top.  Light the candles for a beautiful Christmas table decoration that is easy to create and beautiful too.

This year create one of these simple, yet sophisticated and gorgeous Christmas table decorations for your holiday events.  A few simple supplies and they come together flawlessly.  There is nothing as wonderful as having your family and friends gather around a beautiful decorated holiday table to partake of your favorite meal.  These centerpiece and table decoration ideas bring the beauty without the fuss, making this holiday season one you will enjoy even more.

What are your favorite gorgeous Christmas table decorations? Share them in the comments!


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