Essential Cookware You Need for the Holidays


Today we’re sharing all the essential cookware you need for the holidays, because guess what? It’s that time of year again! Can you believe it? It seems like once Halloween passes, it’s non-stop holiday cooking! From Diwali to Thanksgiving in November, then party after party in December, the kitchen is always busy!

You need cookware that can keep up with you. Without the right pans, dishes and utensils, that meal you spent hours prepping can turn to mush. Nothing ruins the holiday spirit faster than a burnt turkey! Check out our guide to all the essential cookware you’ll need for this holiday season.

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Essential Cookware You Need for the Holidays

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Roasting pans

Essential Cookware You Need for the HolidaysEssential Cookware You Need for the Holidays

A roasting pan is essential for cooking ham, chicken or turkey. You should try and look for a stainless steel roaster that has a rack as well. Stainless steel roasters last a lifetime plus they are optimized for even and steady heat.

Glass rectangular baking dishes

Essential Cookware You Need for the Holidays

You want to have a 2 quart glass rectangular baking dish as well as a 3 quart rectangular glass baking dish on hand. You can use the 3 quart baking dish for small roasts or casseroles while the 2 quart baking dish can be used for gratins or vegetables. These dishes can be used right on the table so you don’t have to dirty additional serving dishes.

Wooden serving spoons

spoons Essential Cookware You Need for the Holidays

Wooden serving spoons are so versatile you will wonder how you ever managed without them. These spoons can be used during the cooking process to stir foods as well as the serving process. For cooking, they are ideal for stews, soups and pastas while for serving they are ideal for veggies, stuffing, salad and mashed potatoes.

Serving bowls and platters

serving bowls Essential Cookware You Need for the Holidays

You should have several serving bowls and platters handy in an array of styles, sizes, colors and shapes. Serving bowls are great for nuts, fruits, veggies and chips and dip while serving platters showcase a stunning entrée spread or cheese and cracker selection.

Large stockpots

stockpot Essential Cookware You Need for the Holidays

Large stockpots are going to come in handy if you are cooking for lots of people. You should have at least one huge stockpot for things like boiling ham for a boiled dinner or making a large pot of pasta for your famous pasta salad.

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  1. Come to think of it–I don’t have a roasting pan–I do have all the other items you mention. Wooden Spoons–I LOVE them! I think I better go look for a roasting pan with a rack!

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