11 Creative Christmas Trees You Have To Try This Year

Creative Christmas trees will surely get you into the holiday spirit! Get ready to sing fa la la with these simple but clever ideas!

Looking for ways to make more creative Christmas trees this year?  I just love how some people really use their imagination and come up with cool ideas. Whether you live in a small space and just don’t want a huge tree, or  you feel like you just want to try something new and fun this year, then this is the list for you! Check out our favorite creative  trees that will get your imagination flowing!

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11 Creative Christmas Trees You Have To Try This Year

Grinch Tree


Remember when the Grinch came to steal all the Christmas trees? This year, you caught him in the act!

Minimalist Tree


As someone who has lived in many small apartments and homes, I love this minimalistic take on a Christmas Tree. What a fantastic way to showcase your favorite ornaments, or add some holiday cheer to your wall! Plus you could put this up high on the wall for a childproof Christmas Tree if you are worried about your kiddo pulling over the tree!

Book Christmas Tree


Even though I’ve cleaned out my bookshelves multiple times, I still seem to have a lot of extras because I just can’t help myself. Why not turn your collection into an instant tree, cool!

The “We Improvised” Tree


Whether you need to save money for this holiday season, or just love the modern and organized look then this is the tree for you! This tree makes my heart sing!

Snowman Tree


Frosty the Snowman is adorable! This jolly snowman tree would brighten up any living room, and is such a sweet idea that you’re going to have to try it!

Super Green Christmas Tree


If you prefer to keep your tree more eco-friendly, why not try to make a tree out of recycled materials? This tree is made our of egg cartons and decorated with K-cup ornaments. Creative!

Creative Cactus


Who says pine trees have to have all the fun? Check out this adorable Christmas cactus, just watch out for the spikes!

Ladder Tree


Shabby chic is brought to the next level with this adorable ladder Christmas tree. Those home renovations really do feel like they go on forever, dress them up!

Lampshade Tree


How about adding a little old world vintage to your home? This sweet vintage lampshade tree looks so elegant. You could dress this one up a little more, or leave it just way it is depending on how decorative your lampshades are!

Flower Bloom Tree


Just because it’s Christmas time doesn’t mean you have to pack away your favorite blooms. Check out this beautiful floral Christmas tree! It’s lovely, and I can almost smell those flowers now!

The Littlest Tree


Ok so if all else fails, you can just go to your refrigerator and dig out what was suppose to be part of dinner, haha. This one made me laugh really hard.

I am loving all of these creative Christmas Trees, I’m not sure I can pick a favorite. Tell me what was your favorite Christmas tree you’ve ever seen in the comments!

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