27 of the Most Delicious Holiday Pies Ever Made

Check out 27 amazing holiday pies that go perfectly with your big feast! From pumpkin to chocolate, there's something for everyone at the table!

You can’t have a feast without dessert, right? What goes better with turkey or ham than yummy holiday pies? I found some amazing ideas that would be perfect for your upcoming holiday parties. From pumpkin pies to pecan tarts, there’s a little something for everyone in this round-up!

The holidays can bring so much cheer. In my household, the holidays consist of lots of food and gathering up family and friends to spend a full evening together. I’ve always cherished this celebration because it gets really difficult to see relatives on a regular basis. With everyone’s busy schedules, we cherish the moments when we get to gather up and have a good time.

During our holiday gatherings, I like to bring out a good pie (or two, or three!) on our dessert table. Pies are the essence of any holiday spread. I love combining sweet ingredients and seeing what flavor combinations go best together (my personal favorite is a cinnamon-orange combo).

27 Delicious Holiday Pies

With so many amazing holiday pies, I tried to break these down into categories for you. As you can see, some pies cross categories (chocolate and pumpkin, anyone?). Hey, it’s not a perfect system, but that’s okay because these are definitely perfect pies, so it makes up for it!

Pumpkin Pies for Everyone!

Pumpkin pie is THE Thanksgiving dessert recipe that everyone craves, and we happen to have the best recipe for it ever! Seriously! Check it out!

Pumpkin pies are pretty much a staple during the holiday season, and these yummy recipes cover just about every taste! From traditional to cheesecake to oh-my-yumminess triple chocolate pumpkin!

Chocolate Pies for the Sweetest Sweet Tooth

Not Just Your Grandma’s Apple Pies

Grandma’s apple pie recipe is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you want something a little different. These five holiday pies will satisfy your guest’s craving for apple goodness in a whole new way (one isn’t even a pie!).

Pecan Goodness


Pecan pie? Yes, please! Check out these three tasty spins on a Christmas classic!

More Yummy Holiday Pies

Pecan, Pumpkin, Chocolate and Apple aren’t the only holiday pies game in town! Check out these delicious ideas for something a little more outside the traditional box!

There you go! With these 27 amazing holiday pies, you could feast on a new tasty treat every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas! I wouldn’t recommend that, of course. Moderation, my friends, moderation. Still, variety is the spice of life!

Do you have any favorite holiday pies? Share in the comments!

5 thoughts on “27 of the Most Delicious Holiday Pies Ever Made”

  1. I just love eating pies especially at the holidays. My Mom makes a fabulous Fudge pie. I also love getting pies from a local shop.

  2. My wife makes a chocolate chip pecan pie every year for her father. I hate pecans, but this is one I’ll eat – it should be on your list! ;)

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