14 Festive Red & Green Appetizers for Your Holiday Parties

Set a festive table  with red and green appetizers to get your guests in a holiday mood! These 14 yummy Red & Green Appetizer Ideas range from sweet to savory, creamy to crunchy, and are sure to tempt you with their pretty Christmas colors and flavors.


Whether you’re hosting a huge dinner party or a impromptu casual gathering, appetizers are a must for every Christmas party. The last thing you want is a bunch of hungry guests getting impatient as they wait for the main course. The key is to set out a variety of palate-pleasing apps so that everyone can find something they enjoy. I recommend putting out at least one vegetarian appetizer for your vegan friends and family, like #4 on our list is perfect for them. Let’s check out these delicious red and green appetizers, shall we?


Red and Green Appetizers


  1. Two Cheese Appetizers- Grab two different cheese appetizers on a stick here, a savory one and a sweet one with loads of festive color. Get the recipe.
  2. Apple Bacon Arugula Bites– The spicy bite of arugula meets sweet apple and the salty crispness of bacon, can one bite get any more delicious? Get the recipe.
  3. Tuscan Bruschetta Bite- That crisp bite of salty crisp cheese topped with fresh diced tomatoes and basil can be served at the most formal of get togethers or you casual family parties . Get the recipe.
  4. Vegetable Wreath- I love this fun and festive holiday display of veggies. Not only is this a healthy option but it is almost too cute to eat, but not quite.  Get the recipe.
  5. Ricotta and Mango Chutney Stuffed Dates- Creamy ricotta and sweet exotic mango get together inside stuffed dates for a unique appetizer everyone will love. Get the recipe.
  6. Fresh Salsa- Fresh salsa is always a great starter for parties served with a big bowl of fresh tortilla chips for dipping. Get the recipe.
  7. Cold Crab Dip Recipe– Skip the bread and serve this cold crab dip with slices of sweet peppers for a light and lovely pre dinner snack. Get the recipe.


  1. Cranberry Compote with Brie– Give brie and cranberries a new home on top of a crisp baguette for a sweet bruschetta that will earn you hostess points for sure. Get the recipe.
  2. Caprese Salad Skewers– Sometimes a light fresh appetizer is the way to go before a big meal, these caprese skewers are just the thing to start off with.  Get the recipe.
  3. Bacon Wrapped Asparagus– This one had me at bacon but I am also a huge fan of asparagus so I couldn’t resist adding this one.  Get the recipe.
  4. Christmas Tree Spinach Tortilla and Veggie Wrap– Cute as can be and tasty little spinach tortilla pinwheels all ready for your holiday guests to gobble up. Get the recipe.
  5. Pomegranate Guacamole- A fresh and fruity take on a basic appetizer, decked out in holiday colors to entice carolers or hungry elves. Get the recipe.
  6. Easy Holiday Appetizer- Crackers, cheese, and herbs make a beautiful and rustic Christmas tree that tastes as good as it looks.- Get the recipe.
  7. Brie and Cranberry Appetizer- Brie is one of my favorite foods to serve (and eat) as an appetizer. Melted down in the oven with cranberries on top it is as pretty as it is delicious. Get the recipe.

On a tight budget? Here’s a tip: choose appetizers that share ingredients (but are still different enough to appeal to a variety of taste buds). For example, use leftover brie from #14 in your cheese and crackers plate, or the extra veggies from #4 to put together your salad skewers. You’ll save time and money that way!

Do you have any favorite red and green appetizers that you love to serve at your Christmas parties? Share below!

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