6 Things to Consider When Buying a Family Home

Any home purchase is important. but when you have a family there are some things you need to consider to ensure you are getting the best of all worlds in terms of price, location, space and safety.

Planning on buying a family home? Check out 6 things you need to consider!

Unless you plan to buy a top of the range Ferrari or Maserati, the chances are a home purchase will be the biggest outlay you will ever make. So you need to get it right, from the initial searching for a suitable property to the mortgage deal, to being comfortable and content when you finally move in.

That research period to start with is so important and worth taking your time over. You can’t afford to make a mistake, and it’s not uncommon that people do and live to regret the choice they’ve made.

So, what should you be looking out for to get the dream family home that you’ve always wanted?

What to Consider When Buying a Family Home

1. Schooling

Sometimes it’s easy to forget, but when you have a family with school-age kids, you have to be certain about the schools in your area. Research the schools that are local to you and find out more about them, first online about their aspirations and achievements and then, where appropriate, by visiting and talking to admissions staff and, if possible, the principal.

If you have children already at school and you’d rather not move them, then look for a home that’s near enough so they can avoid being uprooted from school as well as moving to a new house. Of course, if you have to move out of the area for work or other reasons then you should conduct research as suggested above, as you would if a child was just about to start their formal education.

You should be very supportive if your child has to move school, which can be difficult to start with because he or she will need to make new friends. However, if it’s a new experience for a starter, it can be an exciting first step into an educational environment.


2. Are the streets safe?

It’s always a parental worry if streets and roads are busy and children are walking or cycling to school. Part of choosing your new family home will be to look at routes to school and other facilities, such as a clinic, a swimming pool and places for other leisure activities. You’ll want a route where you know your child can get to school in safety and that there is a crossing guard where needed, and there is adequate street lighting for when it is dark.


3. Protecting your home

A home needs warranties to ensure you’re all protected in case anything goes wrong. You need to protect the building itself with insurance, especially if there may be storm damage, and you also need to protect the contents. This is where researching a good home service warranty will give you peace of mind, especially one that protects machines such as freezers and refrigerators so you can put in for service requests if you have a problem.

You could, of course, leave things to chance, but when you have a family that is reckless, it’s best to nail down your insurance cover.


4. Growing space

If you plan to stay in your new home for a considerable period you need to think about how much room you have to grow as a family. Let’s say you have a three-year-old daughter in a small room; she is going to need a lot more space as she grows up. Have you considered that?

And if you have two younger children who are going to share a room to start with, how old will they be when they need their own rooms? Good forward thinking and planning can help you foresee possible problems that can be easily addressed.

5. Yard and garden

Growing kids need outdoor as well as indoor space. A garden and a good-sized yard are ideal for a family home and providing they are made safe with fences the kids will have plenty of room to play. Perhaps they could also learn about growing flowers and vegetables if there’s enough room. Alternatively look for a place close to a playground so they can be close to home while still having fun.


6. Look to the future

Children get to love where they grow up and will always remember their family home. Providing a safe and secure environment where they can be nurtured to develop into rounded human beings will set them on the road to a happy and fulfilling adulthood.


Did you buy a new family home recently? Share your experiences and tips with us!






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